Automatically deliver email campaigns that get you growing

Set it & forget it. CommentSold will automatically send emails for you based on your customers’ engagement.

An automated marketing email welcoming a new customer and a man waving
An automated marketing email offering a discount on a shopper's first order and a pair of earrings
An automated marketing email thanking a customer for their purchase and a happy woman
An automated marketing email reminding a shopper their cart is about to expire and a yellow purse
An automated marketing email offering a discount to a shopper that hasn't made a purchase lately and a woman holding her phone

Welcome new customers

Say hello to newly registered customers & encourage them to start shopping.

Gift a first purchase discount

Hook new customers with a one-time discount to convert first-time purchasers into lifetime customers.

Thank first-time buyers

Acknowledge first-time buyers and show your appreciation for their business.

Send timed cart reminders

An essential for any online store, the abandoned cart recovery email pushes customers to the checkout line.

Win back inactive customers

Re-engage inactive customers by sending a coupon if they haven't made a purchase in the last 30 days.

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Improve sales & retention like never before
B2C marketers who leverage automation see conversion rates as high as 50%.

Marketing that runs itself

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Save time & make money

Cost-effective & flexible, automation works round the clock to increase conversions without you ever having to lift a finger.
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Automatically connect

Strengthen loyalty with meaningful, personalized messages at the right time, every time.
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Monitor success

See your marketing performance with built-in reporting on engagement & conversions.
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Easy setup

Easily set up one-time campaigns and on-going campaigns in just a few clicks.

Happy woman being directed to checkout with automation

Nurture loyalty, drive repeat purchases & foster brand engagement on auto-pilot.

Man receiving an automated email

Collect & manage customer data used to deliver campaigns right to their inbox

Woman excited with social media interaction icons, gmail icon, and instagram icon

Be seen! Foster trust and familiarity with your brand at every step of the buyer’s journey.

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