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In each session, you will have the opportunity to share experiences, ask questions, and collaborate with industry peers. These sessions are complimentary!

New! Feature Focus

Get caught up to speed on our most recent releases. We'll cover how to navigate and use new features and major updates. Leave with clear action items and a better understanding of how to implement what our team has launched.

CS Features

Whether you're just getting started or need a quick refresher, these workshops are great for learning the basics of the CommentSold platform.

CS Dropship Workshop

Tired of inventory gambles and cash-flow crunches? The CS Dropship workshop is your fast track to smarter e-commerce. Get hands-on with live demos and walk away with a foolproof plan to diversify your offerings without the usual headaches. Discover how you can sell more and manage less. Your path to e-commerce greatness starts here!

Ready to get started on TikTok?

Our team will walk you through setup & selling basics! Acquire new shoppers on the social platform with 1 billion monthly users. Expand your live selling reach in new and emerging demographics. Create exciting, shoppable live content on the trendsetting, video-centric channel where shoppers are 6x more likely to engage with your content.

1 billion+

active monthly users

$6.3 billion

in lifetime consumer spending

167 million

videos watched per minute


of users are high-intent shoppers

CS Payments Workshop

Learn the ins and outs of CS Payments and how it can give you the financial agility you need, from weekend payouts to fraud protection to Apple Pay and more!


Ready to level up your branding and marketing efforts? Dive into effective social media tactics to supercharge your live sales or elevate your brand identity.

Insights Tab Overview

Unlock the power of your data and transform your business! Join our exclusive workshop on data insights for a hands-on experience that will revolutionize the way you make informed decisions and drive success.

Live Sale Workshops

Discover the secrets to skyrocketing attendance, boosting sales, and creating captivating Live Sale events. Learn proven best practices that will set you apart from your competition and drive loyalty. Leave with clear action items and track your success with weekly progress updates!

TikTok Workshops

Whether you're already selling on TikTok or just getting started, click the buttons below to find the perfect TikTok workshop for you! If you're new to TikTok, we will walk you through setup & selling basics; if you're set up and ready to sell, we'll cover TikTok strategies and best practices.

Mobile App Workshops

Discover the art of driving downloads, harnessing the power of push notifications, and unlocking the full potential of your mobile app presence. You'll be equipped with top-notch strategies and best practices, enabling you to connect with your audience like never before. Leave with clear action items and track your success with weekly progress updates!

Site Creator Workshops

Are you confused about where to start with CMS? Get hands-on experience with setting up your Site Creator tab, from basic settings to categories and collections, in the Getting Started workshop!

Ready to move past the basics? We'll cover how to build a killer homepage and guide you through the intricacies of site creator features like Pages and Navigation in the Pages & Elements workshop.


From intake to fulfillment learn best practices and understand the importance of accuracy, shipping options, and reporting within the system to help you make more informed decisions.

Meet the Workshop Hosts

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Bailey Sigmon

Email Integration Manager

Discover what email and SMS marketing can do for your business by integrating CS + Klaviyo!

Brittany Barnes

TikTok Integration Growth Specialist

Uncover effective TikTok strategies and boost your online presence.

Erin Glancy

Data and Insights Expert

Analyze data and gain actionable insights to optimize your business strategies.

Jourdan Taylor

Socials Ads Integration Manager

Gain insights, strategies, and optimization tips to drive impactful Ad results.

What Customers said about Previous Workshops

Everyone was so knowledgeable and helpful! The interaction was great and it was nice getting to be with other CS retailers to hear their questions and thoughts, too. The presentation was laid out well and presented effectively.

I really enjoyed meeting in a small group with the girls today. It's nice being able to ask questions right there on the spot. I've really enjoyed learning new ways to attract & engage with customers. These workshops are very helpful - please keep them coming!

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