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Heather Mckelvey

Sassy Sisters Boutique

We have been able to double sales month over month due to utilizing CommentSold. We really try to use every feature offered with their service and the customer support has always been fantastic as well.

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Engage your shoppers and elevate your brand with immersive live selling to your audience on your own mobile app, website and social media channels—simultaneously from one streaming dashboard. Enter your information to request a free trial and get a hands on feel of how our platform accelerates digital commerce.

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Kari Surprenant

KS Custom Creations

CommentSold has inspired me to come out of my bubble. Going live has never been as fun as it is now. What an innovative and wonderful way to promote a business.

Lauryn Winton

Charli Rose & Co.

Something CommentSold does so effectively is making sure you never leave money on the table & always have a good cash flow coming in.

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Transform the Way You Sell Live  

CommentSold is the only technology solution that powers multichannel live sales across all major social media, web store and your mobile app. Our all-inclusive platform has solutions for: 

Facebook Selling

Instagram Selling

TikTok Selling


Business Automations

Mobile App

Shipping and Inventory Management

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Live Selling Helps LA-based Sustainable Fashion Brand ‘Timeless Threads’ Grow 3x

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US Fashion Retailer Drop The Walls crosses $25 Million in Live Sales with CommentSold

Multichannel Live Selling Strategy Propels Whiskey Skies to $10M in Sales

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Multichannel Live Sales

Stream engaging live video sales to your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, mobile app, and webstore simultaneously.

Automated Social Selling

Convert comments into carted items on social media posts, stories, and live video broadcasts across your selling channels. Shoppers comment “sold” and instantly receive a message with a link to check out.

Customized Webstore

Take complete control of your unique online selling space. Easily customize your virtual storefront look and feel to reflect your branding. No plugins required. 

Live Notifications

Alert customers when you’re hosting a live sale through Messenger or mobile app notifications. Drive viewership across your selling channels with announcements that reach shoppers in the right place at the right time.

Dynamic Overlay

Display purchase instructions, product info, and product images that auto-update as you move from item to item while you’re broadcasting a live video sale.

Live Overview

See cross-channel comments, real-time inventory counts, revenue generated, and total viewer count on a single screen during your live sale.

Waitlist & Authorizations

Shoppers can automatically waitlist out-of-stock items. When available, the products are carted and the shopper is notified. They automatically check out if their credit card is pre-authorized.

Automated Marketing

Convert window shoppers and retain customer loyalty via “set it and forget it” email campaigns that include personalized discounts and cart reminders.

Free Branded Mobile App

Bypass social media algorithms and capture your core audience with a mobile e-commerce app branded to your business. (Included with the Business Plan.)