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Got Tons of TikTok Followers?

Live selling drives greater engagement with your TikTok fam! Don’t just post “content” on TikTok – Put unique products in the spotlight, tell your brand’s story, have meaningful interactions, and grow a loyal community of repeat shoppers.

Interactive Live Selling = Maximum TikTok Engagement

Foster authentic connections by getting to know your customers in real-time during live selling shows on TikTok.
Amid the saturation of TikTok, truly distinguish your brand by entertaining viewers with immersive live selling experiences.
Create a sense of FOMO around your products with exclusive deals and time-sensitive offers during live shows.
Deliver in-store-like experiences by responding to multiple customer queries at the same time, and asking them for real-time product reviews.
Enhance repeat purchases – 12X a year – with live video interactions and vibrant shopping experiences for your audience.
Connect With Your Audience in Real-Time
Stand Out in the Crowded TikTok Marketplace
Create Urgency With Live Deals and Offers
Boost Engagement With Interactive Features
Maximize Revenue Through Live Purchases

See How Live Selling on TikTok with CommentSold Works

Your TikTok shoppers can view your entire product catalog and buy their favorite products without ever leaving your live show, which keeps them invested in your brand and show. Here’s how easy it is for shoppers to buy from your TikTok live:

1. Shoppers join your live show on TikTok

2. While they’re watching you showcase products, they can click a conveniently-placed “Shop” button to see everything you’re selling

3. They can browse through your catalog as you live stream at the same time

4. Once they’ve got what they wanted, they simply click “Buy Now”, and then “Checkout” to verify product details

5. They can then redeem coupons (if any), and click “Place Order” to complete their purchase

CommentSold Has Everything You Need To Sell on TikTok

Shoppable TikTok Content

Tagged products on TikTok maximize engagement and drive conversions.

Centralized Fulfillment

All TikTok orders are pulled directly from your CommentSold inventory and fulfilled from a single, streamlined dashboard.

The ONLY Live Selling TikTok API

CommentSold has the only U.S. e-commerce integration for live selling on TikTok.

Customized Tools & Alerts

CommentSold offers customized tools and alerts directly in your dashboard to ensure you stay on track and maintain a high TikTok Seller Score.

Tiktok Insights & Analytics

Our TikTok Insights dashboard empowers you with actionable data so you can acquire new shoppers and grow your TikTok profits.

Automated Invoicing

Seamless checkout means happy shoppers and reduced cart abandonment.

Dedicated CommentSold + TikTok Support

Our fast and ready support team simplifies your setup and helps you start selling even sooner.

Live Seller’s Paradise:
Optimized TikTok Live Stream Selling With CommentSold

Transform your approach with live selling with the immense potential of video commerce in the booming TikTok landscape

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