Options for customer reporting

Customer Reports

See your total number of customers, customers opted in for Messenger, and brand new customers.
A small mockup of the CommentSold dashboard and the different reports you can run on orders


Get a quick look at your overall volume with metrics on average order size, total orders, and more.
Two products that are marked as best sellers

Best Sellers

Find out what types of products are your best sellers grouped by item or variant.
Three people on a waitlist

Waitlist Reporting

Run a report on all waitlisted items for easy re-ordering.
A list of people that have abandoned their cart and let items expire

Top Offenders

Track which customers are tying up inventory with abandoned & expired items.
An example of Total Week to Date Revenue


See total payments made, product revenue, shipping revenue vs cost, COGS, & gross profit.
A list of the different reports you can run on returns


Dig into the reasons for your customers' returns and see which vendors have a higher return rate.
An inventory symbol in the center of and connected to symbols for cost, value, and credits

Inventory Overview

Find the value of your inventory with real-time inventory cost & retail value, plus customer credits or gift cards.
A graph labelled Payments by Hour

Payments by Hour

Look at your payments across a specific time period to determine your sales "power hours."

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Key features

calendar icon

Custom date ranges

Run reports for whatever date range you prefer - from a single day to all time.
combined icon

Combined reporting

Get a full overview of your entire business with cross-channel reporting.
magnifying lens icon

Breakout reporting

Choose to view reports for your individual selling channels to discover trends.
export icon

Export to CSV

Export any report to CSV for easy import into Quickbooks, for taxes, or whatever else!

Drill into your data to identify & capitalize on trends with CommentSold Reporting.

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