Make better business decisions with CommentSold Retail Reports

Our reporting and analytics features give you a complete, in-depth view of your store, inventory and customer performance. Choose to look at all reports for a single day or choose a date range. You can even export for sharing or import into Quickbooks.

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Featured CommentSold Retail Reports:


Order and restock with confidence

Know the products and sizes your tribe orders the most and see what needs restocking with waitlist reports.


Pinpoint power hours that drive business

Identify the BEST times to connect with your customers with the "Payments Broken Down By Hour" report.


Review reverse logistics to save costs

See trends in customer returns with "Return Reasons" and use "Vendor Returns" to track vendor performance.


Be compliant and lower your audit risk

Get peace of mind knowing your taxes are calculated accurately with Premium Tax Compliance through Avalara.


Drive growth with employee reports

Monitor fulfillment activities with "Packer Overview" reports to quickly identify areas for improvement. 


Stop over and under sales for good

Keep up with real-time inventory levels to avoid missing a sale or ordering too much with "Inventory Overview."

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CommontSold Retail Reports help you transform data into actionable insights so you can stay ahead of the curve.


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