Stand out and sell more

Engage with live video sales

Consult customers on pet care products with real-time, interactive video selling.

Selling pet bed on Facebook Live in groups, pages, and mobile app
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Stream live video to your Facebook Page, Groups, and mobile app
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Shoppers cart items by commenting "sold" and automatically receive an invoice
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Display product info & purchasing instructions with an on-screen overlay
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See comments, products, & orders all in one place
Make marketing easy
Incentivized purchasing behavior with cart reminders, expirations, and automated invoicing
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Create targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google
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Incentivize repeat purchasing with behavior-based, automated emails
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Set up automatic replies via comments or Messenger to guide shoppers
Reach pet owners everywhere
Multichannel selling foor pet products
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Create a branded website with convenient navigation and checkout
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Create shoppable posts on your Facebook and Instagram Accounts
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Blend your online and in-store experience with buy online & pick up in-store options

CommentSold is your all-in-one e-commerce solution

Sell everywhere across the web with CommentSold's multichannel sales platform

Seamless shopping

Keep customer data synced across channels for a consistent brand experience. Allow your customers to shop whenever, wherever, on any device and checkout from a centralized cart.
selling on social with CommentSold

Social commerce

Turn your Facebook & Instagram posts into interactive, shoppable media. Shoppers simply comment "sold" and any variants to cart then automatically and instantly receive an invoice via comment reply, Messenger, or email.
Buy online pick up in store


Maximize customer convenience and choice with the option to buy online, pick up in-store. In-store pickup increases foot traffic, creates upsell opportunities, and allows you to strengthen customer relations.

Get the best tips & tricks for selling pet products online

Key features

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E-commerce website

Create a stunning, custom branded website to showcase your products. No plugins required.
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Comment Selling

Transform social media comments into revenue with fully automated, real-time Comment Selling. Automatically send invoices through Messenger or a comment reply when a shopper makes a comment purchase.

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Custom cart expirations

Set how long a shopper has to check out before their cart gets dumped. Invoices show the clock ticking down and reminders are sent via auto-replies.

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Talent view

Spend less time sifting through comments and juggling inventory on your live sale. See comments rolling in, a preview of your live stream, and your product selection on a single dashboard.

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Professional overlay

Display purchase instructions, product info, and product image that auto-updates as you advance through your product selection.
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Inventory & order management

Get inventory visibility, order management, fulfillment, shipping, and payments all within a centralized dashboard. Receive detailed, real-time inventory reporting from intake to delivery.

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Automated emails

Convert window shoppers, recover abandoned carts, and retain loyalty with personalized, automated email campaigns.
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Auto retargeting ads

Re-engage website visitors & encourage repeat business. Automatically advertise your most relevant items to customers based on their browsing & buying behaviors.
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Local pick up

Allow customers to buy online & pick up locally at a set location.
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Customer Support

Get 99+ live chat support hours per week FREE with all plans, and more.

How the Pet Industry Can Increase Profitability with Interactive Online Selling

Move aside,! Independent pet retailers are leading the pack with live video sales. Learn how to grow your online presence, showcase products, share expertise, and authentically connect with new audiences outside of your brick and mortar storefront with live video sales.












Boost your pet business by expanding online

$20.75 billion

the value of the global pet care e-commerce market in 2019 (and experts projected an 11.3% increase!)

1 in 5

pet owners changed their buying behavior for more convenient options

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