Build community, connection, & sales

CommentSold has everything you need to sell through social media and live video, so you can focus on reaching your audience, building fan engagement, and cultivating community.

Sell on Facebook Live

Don’t send fans to a boring website. Entertain & sell team gear with interactive live video.

selling team merchandise online for minor league sports team with live video
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Display purchasing instructions & product info on-screen
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Fans comment "Sold" to cart items without leaving your live stream.
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Send automated replies to guide customers to checkout and more
Make live selling simple

Elevate engagement with CommentSold’s built-in tools.

CommentSold Live Overview and automated cart reminders
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See real-time comments, stream preview, & product selection in one dashboard
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Send Facebook Messenger blasts to notify fans you’re going live
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Automatically send cart reminders to drive shoppers to checkout
Turn shopping into a game

Keep fans on the edge of their seats with immersive, gamified retail.

Sell minor league sports merchandise and memorabilia with comment selling
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Comment purchases drive social proof, urgency, and competition
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Offer free shipping windows so fans can build-up buying streaks
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Cart expirations with countdown timers motivate quick checkouts
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Reward fans for repeat purchases and referrals with discounts


Create engaging shopping experiences

Automatic invoicing for a comment purchase on Facebook Page

Automated social selling

With Comment Selling, shoppers cart items by commenting “sold” on image and video posts and instantly receive an invoice with a link to checkout.
​Image of a hat with team logo being sold via interactive live video selling​

Interactive live sales

Facebook Lives have the highest organic reach of any post. Boost sales and give fans authentic interactions with your team with live video sales.
Two shoppers are waitlisted to purchase sports memorabilia

Gamification tools

Increase average order value and decrease cart abandonment with tools like cart expirations, free shipping windows, rewards programs, and coupons.

Get tips and best practices for live video selling:

Huntsville Havoc Live Sales sports merchandise

“Live sales with CommentSold have been a great way to engage our fans on a more personal level than website and auction sales. We’re an event-based business, and we rely on games and events to sell merchandise - this has given us a way to create virtual events and generate revenue.”

Justin Strickland



Key features

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Comment selling

Transform social media comments into revenue with fully automated, real-time Comment Selling.
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Automated invoicing

Instantly and automatically send invoice through email, comment reply, and/or Messenger when a shopper makes a comment purchase.

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Custom cart expirations

Set how long a shopper has to check out before their cart gets dumped. Invoices show the clock ticking down and reminders are sent via auto-replies.

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Talent view

Spend less time sifting through comments and juggling inventory. Free up focus to engage with customers. Use the Talent View to comments rolling in, a preview of your live stream, and your product selection on a single dashboard.

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Professional overlay

Display purchase instructions, product info, and product image that auto-updates as you advance through your product selection.
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Inventory management

Get inventory visibility, order management, fulfillment, shipping, and payments all within a centralized dashboard. Receive detailed, real-time inventory reporting from intake to delivery.

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Automated emails

Convert window shoppers, recover abandoned carts, and retain loyalty with personalized, automated email campaigns.
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Branded mobile app

Stop depending on Facebook’s distribution to your customers. Capture your core audience & stream live to a branded mobile app that represents the best of your business.
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Shopify sync

Connect your Shopify account with just a few clicks. Inventory is automatically updated on both platforms.

How Minor League Sports Can Raise Revenue Now and into the Future

In the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, many minor league teams are left to wonder how to generate sales and make a financial comeback in impending seasons. Learn how live streaming provides new entertainment and revenue opportunities for sports teams.












Why live selling is important to growing your sales:


more comments on live videos over recorded


more organic reach than any other post


longer view times than recorded videos

CommentSold is your all-in-one solution for selling sports merch with live video.

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