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Add custom branding
Components to building a website: adding the logo, images, and navigation.
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Display your logo
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Customize navigation menus
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Add images throughout your site
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Tell your brand story with custom pages
Make navigation simple
Mockup of adding custom images to an e-commerce website.
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Keep shoppers flowing through your site with custom links on banners & adverts
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Create eye-catching, rotating banners
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Highlight specific collections with adverts
Simplify checkout
Elements of an e-commerce website from CommentSold including options to login via Facebook, Instagram, or continue as a guest; the cart with cart expiration countdown timer; and product view with
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Shoppers can easily edit their cart
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Let customers use guest checkout options or login via Facebook or Instagram
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Display a cart expiration countdown timer on the checkout screen
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Connect to popular payment processors

Learn proven tips and tactics to help you increase your online sales:


Advertise with built-in marketing tools

Example of a rotating banner and linked adverts on a CommentSold e-commerce website

Custom banners & adverts

Rotating banners at the top of your site can link to any URL. Adverts, located below the banner, are another way to link to specific pages & collections.
A mockup of adding meta data to the backend of your e-commerce website

Get built-in SEO

Integrated SEO tools help you get discovered through search. Add meta descriptions and page titles that help control how you show up in search results.
A simulation of a shopper clicking into a website then receiving re-targeting ads from Google and Facebook.

Create re-targeting ads

Get crucial information about website visitors and serve them re-targeting ads by embedding Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel into your Webstore.
Seven Streams Boutique logo and product images

“I love how easy it is for our customers to use. They can see things that are still in stock on the website which helps us move older inventory!”

Brianna Strawn


Give customers a smooth shopping experience

A mockup of the checkout screen on a mobile phone with coupon & discount code icons
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Effortless cart management

Shoppers can easily add and remove products, and the cart expiration timer is prominently displayed. 
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Product sorting, search & filters

Products can be filtered & sorted by size, color, collection or availability so customers can find what they need quickly.
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Coupons & discount codes

Grow loyalty by including coupons and discount codes. Make them site-wide or attach to specific collections.
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Super convenient checkout

Offer popular payment options to choose from for quick checkout. Choose from Stripe, Paypal, Square, or Sezzle.


Add pages to complete your brand story
Tell shoppers more about you and your business.

About Us

Share your brand story, mission, and personality.

Contact Us

Display contact information so customers can easily connect.

Shipping Terms

Provide at-a-glance shipping info so customers know what to expect.

Store Policies

Communicate store rules, returns, and refund processes here.

CommentSold has all the tools you need to set up shop online.

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Key features

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Built-in SEO

Add meta descriptions and page titles that help control how you get discovered in search results.
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Product Add Ons

Product Add-Ons allow you to add paid options and customization to your products, such as monograms or laser engraving.
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Auto Retargeting Ads

Automatically show Google and Facebook ads to website visitors to turn visitors into shoppers.
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Waitlists & Authorizations

Let buyers get on the waitlist for out of stock items. When available, it’s carted and the shopper is notified.
inventory icon

Centralized Inventory

All inventory updates in real-time across selling channels, so you never oversell.
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Custom Banners

Display custom, rotating banners at the top of your website that send customers to any URL you choose.
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Custom Adverts

Use custom, static images to highlight different pages and collections.
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Trusted Payment Processors

CommentSold works with popular payment gateways such as Stripe, Paypal, Square, & Sezzle.
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Automated Emails

Convert window shoppers and retain loyalty with automatic email marketing that encourages repeat shopping with personalized discounts.

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