More than just a website

Playful experiences make shopping more memorable and enhance the customer experience. Now you can provide easy and fun ways to shop wherever you sell online.

Sell on Facebook & Instagram
InStyle auctions selling on Facebook Live with comments coming in
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Sell to billions of daily users
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Bypass the website - sell on their newsfeeds
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Sell with images, video, or Facebook Live
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Boost organic reach with comment selling
Add urgency & speed up sales
An animation of a cart expiring with a countdown timer.
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Reduce cart abandonment with timers
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Automatically dump expired carts & move inventory to the next shopper on the waitlist
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Enable Comment Charge to capture instant payment after shoppers comment "sold"
Use video to sell & connect
InStyle Auctions conducting a live sale with a text message and Facebook Messenger announcement
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Showcase outfits with Try-On videos
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Hook customers with a live shopping show
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Keep virtual shoppers entertained with live contests & giveaways
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Blast announcements with Facebook Messenger & text messaging


Move inventory in fun & engaging ways

An image of a women's shoe being sold with the auto-scheduler for Facebook posts

Automatically repost inventory

Simply set rules on minimum inventory available, days between reposts, and times to post on Facebook - we handle the rest!
Mystery item product with sizes and an add to cart button

Offer mystery items

Drive impulse buys with dynamic mystery items. You decide what products are eligible and we make sure your customer has never purchased it before.
An image of a shoe with a mockup of a waitlist with shoppers in the que.

Keep inventory moving

Dynamic waitlist features paired with cart expirations ensure you never miss a sale. Dumped items move to the next person in line & a notification is automatically sent.

See how it works for your shoppers

Learn how social commerce is powering and shaping the retail business.

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“Solved my inventory issues with comment selling. Grew my sales and took less time than invoicing! We love the automated invoicing, waitlist features, FB messenger integration and of course the Support Team!”

Jason Scott


Key features

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Automated Invoicing

Instantly and automatically send an invoice through email, comment reply, and/or Messenger when a shopper makes a comment purchase.
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Waitlists & Authorizations

Shoppers can waitlist out of stock items. When available, it’s carted and the shopper is notified. If pre-authorized, they automatically check out!
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Multi-Channel Selling

Sell outside of social media with our free custom eCommerce website or get a branded mobile app and put your store in your customers' pockets.
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Cart Expiration Reminders

Notifications are automatically sent at custom, timed intervals via email or Facebook Messenger.
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Automated Marketing

Convert window shoppers and retain loyalty with automatic email marketing that encourages repeat shopping with personalized discounts.
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Mystery Items

Move old inventory! Set limits on price and days in inventory and we'll pick an item they've never ordered before.
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Payment Integrations

CommentSold works with popular payment gateways such as Stripe, Paypal, Square, & Sezzle.
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Free Shipping Minimum

Set a dollar amount that would qualify an order for free shipping to encourage increased order size.
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24-Hour Free Shipping

Enable to offer free shipping to customers that make another purchase within 24 hours of their last purchase.

InStyle Auctions Case Study

InStyle Auctions started off selling on Facebook and has since added Instagram, webstore, and mobile app to their revenue streams. Find out how they were able to manage all their selling channels while simultaneously streamlining their operations - giving them the tools to grow their business












Tap into the true potential of your market


of all online shoppers are women

$146 Billion

Growth projection of the women’s apparel market by 2023


of all social shoppers are women - the largest of groups


of all consumer purchasing decisions are driven by women


of women aged 15-35 spend over an hour per day shopping online


of social media users are women

Setup up a completely seamless shopping experience across your social media, eCommerce webstore, and mobile app.

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