Offer shoppers a live shopping experience

Engage your shoppers on a new level with live selling on Facebook and your own branded mobile app. Combine your Avalara account with CommentSold’s multi-channel selling platform to stay tax compliant no matter where you sell.

Engage your shoppers on a new level with live selling on Facebook and your own branded mobile app. Combine your Avalara account with CommentSold’s multi-channel selling platform to stay tax compliant no matter where you sell.

Better Together: CommentSold + Avalara

Increase sales and engagement by providing a new way to shop.

10x comments, 3x longer view times and 6x organic reach
On average, live videos on Facebook see 10 times more comments, 3 times longer views and 6 times the organic reach of other types of posts.

33% year-over-year monthly revenue growth
On average, retailers see a 33% increase in monthly revenue year over year after joining CommentSold.

$75 – $150 average revenue per minute
CommentSold shops running live sales with hundreds of viewers consistently see revenue between $75 and $150 per minute throughout the duration of their live sale.

Getting started

Adding Avalara to CommentSold is easy!

Step 1: Create an Avalara account

In CommentSold, open the Taxes tab under Setup and click on “Create New Avalara Account.”

Step 2: Confirm your business information

You will see a pop-up with all your information auto-populated. Click “Create Account” to confirm.

Step 3: Access your Avalara dashboard

Your tax information is now being sent to Avalara! You’ll receive an email from Avalara with instructions on how to access your Avalara account.

See Comment Selling in Action

Comment selling marries social media and eCommerce by allowing customers to purchase directly through comments on Facebook or Instagram.


Comment sellers post videos or images with their products and instruct consumers to claim their item by commenting “sold.” They are immediately sent a direct message and email prompting them to check out.

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Diversify your revenue

CommentSold provides unprecedented access to the features that power
successful social selling, and online stores.

How CommentSold Helps

CommentSold provides powerful live selling tools that transform retail strategies.

Selling home decor online with webstore, social media, and mobile app
Woman using live commerce to sell home accessories
Home decor business selling online with social media
Our powerful automation manages time-consuming administrative tasks, so you can work quickly and efficiently. Convert social media comments to sales, automate your invoicing, and streamline shipping and fulfillment.
Use shoppable content to encourage interactions with your social following. Motivate buyer behavior with gamification features for exciting real-time shopping experiences that can’t be found on other platforms!
Sync and manage all extensions of your store in a centralized inventory. Your dashboard updates in real-time across all selling channels, so you will never oversell again.
A multichannel retail strategy is crucial for reaching your customers where they prefer to shop. Expand your brand and purchasing options across your website, app, and social media platforms while maintaining a simple and cohesive customer experience.

We’re Here For You

You don’t have to do it alone. We’re ready to help every step of the way.














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Find the perfect plan for you.


Good for retailers making under $5,000/mo in sales


/month /Year
+ 5% of sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions before you get started? Check out our FAQs below.

At this time, CommentSold does not offer services outside of the United States. However, we do plan to expand outside of the US in the future, so stay tuned!

There are no contracts, so you can cancel your account at any time.

To do so, log into your CommentSold dashboard and submit a formal request with our Customer Success Team by clicking the green chat icon in the bottom right.

Pricing FAQs

The differences between the two plans are:

  1. The monthly cost and commission rate. The Startup Plan is $49/month + 5% of sales, and the Boutique Plan is $149/month + 3% of sales. 
  2. The Boutique Plan gives you the ability to create a branded mobile app at no extra charge.

Both the Startup and Boutique Plans offer the same basic features, including Facebook integration, Instagram integration, a Webstore, Shopify integration, Facebook support (Groups, Pages, and Messenger), scheduled Facebook posts, inventory management, automatic invoices, integrated shipping/label printing, and live chat support.

There are no contracts or hidden fees with CommentSold. You only pay a month by month subscription + sales commission. The sales commission will vary with which plan you choose. See pricing for details.

We charge a percentage to cover costs. The level of support we provide requires us to maintain our evergrowing staff, so we can provide you with unparalleled world-class support. With regular product updates, we also have to consider development costs to keep our product up-to-date and working towards feature requests. This allows CommentSold users to focus on growing their businesses while we focus on IT operations.

Integration FAQs

The Shopify Integration allows you to have the same products & inventory on both Shopify & CommentSold. If you sell on one platform, it’ll update the inventory on the other platform as well.

CommentSold does not integrate with other website hosts. However, all of our plans come with a free customizable website called the CommentSold Webstore.

We do not currently integrate with a POS system, but we are working towards this!

However, we do integrate with Shopify. Shopify has the integration for some POS systems, which makes it a great workaround in the meantime.

Shipping FAQs

CommentSold charges $0.05 per label.  The shipping costs will be at USPS commercial rates.

CommentSold has all the shipping and fulfillment tools already built-in!

But, if you prefer to use a third-party app, CommentSold integrates with ShipStation through Shopify and GoShippo.

CommentSold is the #1 tool to engage and convert shoppers in real-time with fully automated Comment Selling.


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