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We can be a match made in Heaven

Come join CommentSold, one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies with a remote work-life culture designed to help our people thrive in every way.

Join one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies with a remote work-life culture designed to help our people thrive in every way.

We’re a group of hardworking people who have a major passion for helping businesses grow. We work hard to deliver amazing products that make our clients say, "Daaang, that's good!"

United by our values

We’re building a community, our chosen circle, around a set of values that guide how we work and interact with the world around us. Our cultural norms at work can’t be turned off when the computer’s away — we live these in every part of our lives. Our team isn’t for everyone, so if you’re right for it, the following values should resonate strongly with how you live your life.

Don't be an asshole

We genuinely love where we work and are intolerant of bad vibes. We choose our team by looking beyond skillset and surrounding ourselves with folks we want to spend time with.

We really like smart people

We aim high and hire smart people to get there. We like folks that use critical thinking to make the best decisions. Our fast-paced work environment requires a team of great, autonomous thinkers.

Got it

When we say “got it,” our team knows we’ll own it, follow through, and deliver. We put effort into figuring things out ourselves but we also love collaboration and know when to ask for help.

We work to win

We’re a rare team of folks that love to work hard. We know putting in the effort gets the win so we give it our all (but not at all costs). Our customers hustle every day and the hustle’s more fun when we win together.

Unrelenting feedback

We collaborate for more than the high-fives (although they’re pretty great) and our team thrives on feedback. There’s no hesitation being direct here, and we embrace thoughtful, challenging perspectives.

Investing in you

Employee Benefits

We’re invested in our team’s wellness and long-term happiness, and keep a close pulse on what matters most. We aim to offer everything our employees need to do their best, healthiest work and feel fulfilled in developing their craft.

Competitive compensation

We want every team member to be rewarded for their value and feel secure in their financial wellness. We conduct market analysis to ensure fairness and continued growth. We also offer bonus opportunities to reward folks for their contributions to our collective success when our company does well.

Work where you want

One of the best things about joining a fully remote company is having the flexibility to do your best work wherever (within the US!). Our Work Well allowance can be used toward your home office or a space outside the home.

Vacations and holidays

Designed to offer you flexibility and balance, we offer full time, exempt employees unlimited vacation policy. We also offer a sick time policy.

100% match 401k

We encourage investing in your financial security by matching contributions dollar-for-dollar for up to 3% of your annual salary, vested immediately. Option to enroll as soon as you join the team.

$1,200/year Work Well allowance

We provide the essentials, but to ensure you have a comfortable, productive workspace each full-time employee gets a $1,200 annual allowance for expenses like coffee, internet, and coworking fees.

$500 Be Well allowance

Everyone invests in their mind and body differently, so we provide a $500 annual allowance to spend on your wellness needs as you choose (think: new running shoes, gym membership, mental health, etc.).

Health, dental, and vision

We offer 100% employer-paid health through Cigna, and vision and dental insurance through Principal. With extensive provider networks and plan options for different coverage needs, our team is well taken care of.

Unlimited virtual care

Getting to the doctor isn’t always easy. We offer free, unlimited virtual care through First Stop Health. Coverage offers a range of support, from medical to mental health needs. All dependents within the same household are covered at no additional cost.

Life and disability insurance

In order to ensure your loved ones are taken care of in case of an accident, we offer a full line-up of life and disability insurance, with company-provided and voluntary coverage options through Principal Insurance.

Paid parental leave

When you welcome a new child to the home (by birth or adoption) we support up to 12 weeks leave for primary caregivers and 4 weeks for secondary caregivers to bond with their child without worrying about financial stability.

Additional Unpaid Parental Leave

Employees returning from paid parental leave may take additional unpaid leave as a part of our Parental Leave policy. We want to make sure our new parents feel supported well beyond the first weeks of parenthood.


We use Bonusly to give $ and kudos to folks when they exemplify our values, help us out in a bind, or generally deserve recognition. It makes for a really accessible way to recognize folks on other teams, keeping everyone connected.



Share some knowledge related to the role, and we’ll review your application.


Culture First

Discuss our culture and values, and see if the team is right for you.


Meet the Manager

Get to know your player/ coach, and dive deep into the role and team.


Skills Fit

Complete a short exercise to show off your skills.


Final Discussion

Present the final exercise and discuss with the folks you’d be working with.


The Offer

We make quick and thoughtful hiring decisions after final interviews.

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