Save upto $3000 on SaaS fees

Our 25% off sale on Videeo for Shopify is On Now!
Save upto $3000 on SaaS fees

Our 25% off sale on Videeo for Shopify is On Now!

Build a Dynamic, Interactive Mobile App for Your Brand. No Coding Required!

Effortlessly manage your live sales, engage with customers, and boost your revenue, with a branded mobile app.

Amp Up Conversions with a Live Selling Mobile App

From showcasing your products to accepting orders and processing payments, our app handles it all. With just a few taps, you can effortlessly create a seamless shopping experience for your customers, growing satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Bring the excitement of live video shopping to your app.
  • Shoppers can buy from your live stream without ever leaving the video, maximizing user experience.
  • Grow your community within your app through live selling to create life-long repeat purchasers.
  • Create hidden app content like secret collections or promotions only accessible by link to reward your VIPs.
  • Secure your following and protect your brand with a private sales channel.
  • Seamlessly direct app users to specific pages, collections, and products via ads, email, or SMS deep links.
  • Send push notifications of promos, notify shoppers of waitlisted items and process pre-authorized checkouts.
  • Offer the top payment processors and buy-now-pay-later options for maximum flexibility for your shoppers.
  • Add product categories to automatically create organized product pages and a nested navigation menu
  • Automatically link live sale segments to featured products
  • Share pre-recorded product videos on social media and app–simultaneously
  • Grow your sales, as customers shop previous live sales right on the app

Get the Most Out of Your Custom Mobile App

Easy Integration with Your Website Content

Enrich your mobile app navigation by seamlessly incorporating your website content and customized collection pages. Elevate your mobile app shopping journey with a cohesive and engaging branded experience for your valued customers.

Tailor Your App Content and Pages Perfection

You can also use our Site Creator to produce one-of-a-kind content just for your app. Unleash your creativity with intuitive customization widgets like product grids, header blocks, slideshows, text editors, and more–all while maintaining your unique branding and site navigation.

Host Hyper-Engaging Live Sale Productions with Multi-Source Streaming

Show items from multiple camera angles and displays, invite guest hosts, and feature VIP takeovers–all with no special downloads. Hold guests in a digital waiting room until you’re ready, creating a seamless experience. And the best part? You always retain complete control.

Create an App that Seamlessly Connects to Your Shopify Store

Coming soon! Easily connect your app to your existing Shopify store, with Videeo. Create a fully integrated experience and enjoy more options and features to help manage your business and expand your audience.

“CommentSold's app is amazing! I’m a business owner and 75% of my sales come through the mobile app now. My shoppers love checking out on the mobile app and getting notifications.”

Lauryn Winton

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