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Increase sales, build customer loyalty, and present shoppers with an engaging dynamic, gamified buying experience with live selling. Distribute live shopping broadcasts through social media, your webstore, or with a branded mobile app, which can generate up to $300/minute.


Increase revenue and strengthen customer loyalty through immersive live video sales. Provide shoppers with engaging, interactive, and compelling buying experiences across your social media, webstore, and mobile app simultaneously, which can generate up to $300/minute.

Be in More Places
at Once

Host live sales on your branded mobile app and customized e-commerce webstore while simultaneously streaming to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Stay up to date with a single, centralized inventory across all your sales channels.

Create Engaging Content

Customers can watch, interact with other customers across the platforms, add to cart, AND buy without ever leaving the live stream.

Shoppers interacting with a flash sale on Facebook or on your mobile app

Provide a Seamless Shopping

Customers can experience the thrill of brick-n-mortar shopping through live sales, no matter where they watch.

Multiple Live Streams,
One Centralized Inventory

Stream your live sales across your website, mobile app, and social media pages simultaneously, from a centralized inventory that updates in real time.

Stream HD Quality Sales
Everywhere Your Customers Shop

Reach more shoppers in more places. Broadcast your live sales across channels without any additional effort.

A phone showing the CommentSold Live in the App features that allow shoppers to buy directly from a live stream in your app
A man selling on Facebook Live with comment purchases and an automated Messenger message
CommentSold Talent View dashboard showing inventory updating to your mobile app and Facebook live streams

Maintain creative control over your lives sales by broadcasting to channels you control.

  • Stop relying on social media platforms to distribute your content to your shoppers.
  • Bypass touchy algorithms by live selling on your website and mobile app.
  • Showcase your brand’s personality and mission in an exciting, shoppable format.
  • Decrease cart abandonment by allowing shoppers to checkout in just a few clicks.

Broaden your reach and revenue by hosting shoppable live video on the world’s most popular and high-converting social networks. Drive conversions with CommentSold’s proprietary live selling features.

  • Diversify your audience by streaming in more places at once.
  • Notify customers of upcoming live sales with push notifications and Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns.
  • Turn shoppers into your brand’s own social influencers through comment selling.
  • Combine iconIncrease conversions with itemized waitlists, cart countdown timers, free shipping promotions timers, and rewards programs.

Create, broadcast, and distribute studio-quality live sales at scale.

  • Deepen trust, connection, and community by responding to customers’ comments in real-time.
  • Run in-depth reports and utilize advanced analytics to gain a full understanding of your store, inventory, customer performance, and more.
  • Dazzle shoppers with high-quality broadcasts, streamable in HD quality across all of your sales channels.


Get actionable strategies to help boost revenue with engaging live video sales:

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"This software has transformed how I do Live Sales. CommentSold tracks the customers' comments so I don't have to and my customers LOVE it!"

Lindsey Martin

Customers love shopping live in the app and on the web!

So exciting! I can watch the replay in the mobile app!

I love how there are no distractions. Nothing popping up on the screen.

Shop and do everything while you are watching!

Love being able to see how many are left!

Super clear! There are no interruptions or other distractions.

Love shopping on the mobile app, it's so much easier!

Key Features

Professional Overlay

Display purchase instructions and product details on top of your live stream video to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. Product details auto-update as you move from item to item.

Live Overview

See cross-channel comments, real-time inventory count, revenue generated, and total viewer count on a single screen during your live sale.

Dynamic Live Selection

Build your product selection for your live sale on the fly by scanning barcodes or searching by SKU/name.

Real-Time Product Counts

Products have an inventory count shown in your Talent View. Let shoppers know when numbers get low to create urgency.

Messenger Notifications

Automatically send notifications through Facebook Messenger to your followers when your Facebook live sale kicks off. Alert shoppers every 22 hours for 60 consecutive days to build hype for your upcoming live sale. Boost Facebook live sale viewership by 45% and grow Facebook live sale revenue by 50%.

Customer Tags

In Talent View, comments coming in have tags indicating new shoppers, top fans, and more so you can customize engagement.

Forecast Revenue

Build a collection or product selection and our system will forecast potential revenue based on inventory counts and sales price.


Instantly and automatically send an
invoice through email, comment reply, direct message, and/or Messenger when a shopper makes a comment purchase.

Waitlist & Authorizations

Shoppers can waitlist out of stock items. When available, it’s carted and the shopper is notified. If pre-authorized, they automatically check out!


How Modern Retailers Engage Shoppers and Drive Revenue

Why are live sales changing the game for online retailers?
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Why live selling is important to growing your sales:


more comments on live videos over recorded


more organic reach than any other post


longer view times than recorded videos

CommentSold makes going live even better

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