E-Commerce. Simplified.

CommentSold’s CMS (Website Creator) is your one-stop-shop for effortless video commerce website building.


No coding? No problem. Our CMS offers everything you need to build a great website without multiple plugins or complicated code.

Customize Your Video Commerce Website

Design your website with everything you need to stand out from the crowd--including features you’ll only find with CommentSold, America’s #1 live selling platform.

Go Live

Our one-of-a-kind CMS (Website Creator) is tailor-made for live selling.

  • Sell live on your website and interact with shoppers in real-time. 
  • Showcase shoppable live replays across your site to capture more sales after the live video ends.
  • Add automatic videos to your product listings. Our technology determines which product is being featured and allows you to add clips from the live sale directly to your product listing.

Content Creation

Customize your pages with context. Each page can be thoughtfully designed to show your style and drive your sales.

  • Showcase your branding with our easy-to-use color palettes and fonts.
  • Design your pages with intuitive customization widgets like product grids, header blocks, slideshows, text editor, and more.
  • Create unlisted pages to offer unique opportunities for specific customers organically or through paid search and social ads- without changing your main site navigation.

Performance Tracking

  • Improve your website’s visibility in search results with sitemaps and page level SEO. 
  • Embed ad pixels to track your campaigns more effectively through page-by-page and sitewide scripting.
  • Build per page user experiences like pop ups, offers, ad targeting, and A/B testing with page level code inserts.

Dynamic Content

Keep your website up to date without manual intervention.

Create a customized website tailor-made for video commerce through CommentSold.

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