Save upto $3000 on SaaS fees

Our 25% off sale on Videeo for Shopify is On Now!
Save upto $3000 on SaaS fees

Our 25% off sale on Videeo for Shopify is On Now!

Make Data-Driven Decisions With Confidence

CommentSold’s Insights and Reporting features empower you with actionable data to grow your business. View important metrics on your inventory, customers, and financial performance and work with our dedicated team of growth strategists to help you set and meet your goals. No more pen and paper. No more complicated financial spreadsheets. Actionable insights at your fingertips.

Revolutionize Your Live Sales with
In-Depth Product Performance Insights

Create a high-performing product lineup for each and every live show.

Curious about how your products perform during your live sale? It’s all on the new Sell Through insights dashboard! Gain access to a one-of-a-kind report crafted by live selling experts for unparalleled visibility into your live sale product performance.

CommentSold Insights

Move your inventory. Engage your customers. Maximize your profitability.

CommentSold’s Insights feature is designed to provide you with all the key data points you need to know about your business, presented in an automated, easy-to-understand format. From sales trends and inventory levels to customer lists and marketing insights, our dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of your shop’s performance. With Insights, you can say goodbye to second guessing your business decisions—for good.


 Includes exportable shopper lists that break down your customer base so you can strategically target existing customers through email, social media ads, or exceptional customer service.


Includes data for inventory management and sales performance so you can make smarter decisions about ordering and discounting to keep your inventory moving.


Includes shopper trends and behaviors that help you adjust your customer marketing to maximize repeat purchases and order values.


Includes metrics to help you gain a deeper understanding of your financial performance and optimize your business strategies.

CommentSold Reporting

Exportable data to help you run your business more efficiently.

Get a full overview of your entire business with cross-channel reporting and custom date ranges.

Top Offenders

Track which customers are tying up inventory with abandoned & expired items.


Dig into the reasons for your customers’ returns and see which vendors have a higher return rate.

Payments by Hour

Look at your payments across a specific time period to determine your sales “power hours.”

With the right data, insights, and tools, you can make informed decisions to drive your business forward. Start making data-driven decisions with confidence with CommentSold!

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