Save upto $3000 on SaaS fees

Our 25% off sale on Videeo for Shopify is On Now!
Save upto $3000 on SaaS fees

Our 25% off sale on Videeo for Shopify is On Now!

Multi-Source Streaming: Create Hyper-Engaging Live Sale Productions

Take your live shopping shows to unprecedented Hollywood-style production levels using our zero-install Multi-Source broadcast technology. Enjoy the luxury of multiple camera angles, live audience interactions, and celebrity hosts joining from various corners of the world. Elevate your live shopping experience and create captivating shows that will leave a lasting impression on your viewers.

Unlock Your Creativity with Easy-to-Use Multi-Source Stream Controls

With Multi-Source, you maintain complete control of your guests’ on-screen presence and camera angles. Plus, you can choose multiple display formats like full screen, picture-in-picture, and split screen. Access and visual presentation is 100% controlled by you every step of the way.

Invite guests to join your live stream on the fly with auto-generated QR codes and links.

Guests are held in our patent-pending 'digital lobby' until you’re ready to bring them on.

Guests and hosts can go off-camera while still being part of the conversation.

Send or revoke a guest’s access link whenever you want.

Toggle between views and choose which stream to highlight in real-time.

Limitless Possibilities for Maximum Engagement

Make your live sales even more captivating and build deep connections with your customer community with our super flexible technology and easy-to-use interface.

Expand Your Business with Multiple Hosts, Celebrities, and Creators

Live selling can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s no secret that successful hosts invest more than 10 hours a week in front of the camera. To ease the burden and enhance your shows for your valued customers, CommentSold introduces a groundbreaking technological enhancement that sets a new standard in the industry. With this category-defining innovation, you can lighten your workload while making your live selling experiences even more captivating and enjoyable for your audience.

Elevate your Live Shows with the Next Level of Customer Interactivity!

CommentSold Multi-Source ushers in a paradigm shift in digital live selling. Now you can invite your customers to join your show(s) live on-camera, with absolutely no preparation or software install needs. Customers are no longer limited to chatting on text, now they can interact with sellers on camera and add a new dimension to your shows.

Showcase your Products in New Light–Literally!

Present your products in a whole new light and enhance customer confidence to boost your sales! If you deal in jewelry, electronics, sports cards, collectibles, or any other items that benefit from closer inspection, our multi-source feature empowers you to go the extra mile with multiple camera angles.

How It Works

1. Automatically generate source link or QR code

Send the link to featured guests to join the live waiting room via their phone—no additional equipment needed! You can also use the link to connect additional cameras.

2. Select your starting display

Choose from our 3 different feed displays: picture-in-picture, split-screen, or full screen. Switch it up during the live and turn on/off video feeds and audio as needed.

3. Go live!

Start your show with a single or multi-source. You can seamlessly add or remove additional streams or cameras anytime during your live.

First of all, I am obsessed. It has literally changed the game. One of my favorite things is that a VIP can pop on because our customers love when we interact. Now we can select one of our VIPs to pop on to tell us what they think about their outfits and all the different things that they love. And they are now lifetime customers of our store just because of that interaction. It is such a big deal.

CoCo Oswalt

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