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All-in-one dashboard

Manage your inventory, sales, & fulfillment all from a single, centralized dashboard.
An example of two different employees: an Intake Manager and a Social Scheduler

Unlimited employees

Add unlimited team member accounts with personalized permissions.
A list of the different selling channels you can report on: webstore, mobile app, and social media.

Cross-channel reporting

Get an aggregated view of your sales & inventory data across each sales channel.

Get full inventory visibility

View & manage inventory across warehouses & sales channels all from a single, centralized dashboard.

Simplify intake
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Inventory updates in real-time no matter where it’s sold
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Organize products with collections
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Manage products from intake to delivery
Streamline order management
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Get auto-suggested SKUs
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Generate barcodes on demand
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Increase accuracy with strict-fulfillment
Purchase smarter
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See what items & variants are best sellers
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Get low stock alerts
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Auto calculate potential revenue
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Use waitlists as a planning tool

Get the latest strategies for streamlining your business operations:

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CommentSold has saved me hours of work and headache. Now, everything is in the same place - inventory, invoicing, and shipping!

Mary Heatherly


Key features

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Central Inventory

Get multi-channel order management, fulfillment, shipping, and payments all within a centralized dashboard. Receive detailed, real-time inventory reporting from intake to delivery.
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Strict Fulfillment

Get a fool-proof fulfillment strategy. Strict fulfillment won’t allow users to progress after they scan an incorrect item from a picklist. Once corrected, they can continue the fulfillment process.
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Product Location

Find products quickly and easily by recording locations in single & multi-location warehouses. CommentSold dramatically reduces order picking times with optimized picklists. 
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Low Stock Alerts

Set email alerts for low stock on best selling items. Customize the low stock limit and choose which team members to notify.
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Auto-suggested SKUs

Quickly create and assign consistently patterned & unique SKUs for your growing list of products and their different variants.
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Auto-generated Barcodes

Easily generate & assign unique barcodes using static information like SKU, size, & color. Streamline your live sales & double-check your intake & fulfillment barcode implementation.
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Partial Fulfillment

Use partial fulfillment to exempt pre-ordered items from a ready-to-ship order so that you can send them out separately.
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Combine Orders

Get faster & more cost-effective shipping by combining multiple orders to a single shipment for the same customer. Similarly, you can combine local pickup orders for convenience.
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Employee Accounts

Create individual team member accounts with personalized permissions. Easily spot areas of improvement with employee performance reports that include the # of picked, packed, and shipped orders.

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Find out how InStyle Auctions was able to manage all their selling channels while simultaneously streamlining their operations - giving them the tools to grow their business to over 225k Facebook followers and over 18k VIP Facebook Group members.

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Let us help you run your business instead of it running you

CommentSold gives you the means to fully optimize your business operations from a single platform. Boost your productivity from intake, to order fulfillment, to shipping. Effortlessly view, synchronize, & manage your inventory with real-time data from all sales channels.

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Save over 40 hours per week in invoicing alone

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Sync all of your selling channels to one inventory

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Easily spot areas for improvement with employee performance reports

Streamline your business & empower employees with CommentSold’s retail operations tools.

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