Empower your business to be more productive

Retail operations are the base of every business, and without a strong foundation how can you expand? CommentSold provides you all the tools you need to support your growing empire. Streamline processes and boost productivity so you can focus on making your next move.


Save time and manage your entire inventory at a glance

  • View your inventory at every step - from intake to delivery.

  • Get a complete, cross-channel overview from a single dashboard.

  • Our system supports single and multi-location warehouses.

  • Always know what inventory you have and how much is in stock.

  • Never oversell, never underbuy with complete visibility and reporting.

  • Reduce risk of inventory shrinkage or tying up money in overstock.

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Implementing this system has truly given me my life back!


Reduce loss and fool-proof your fulfillment

  • Generate SKUs and barcodes

    Let CommentSold’s system generate SKU numbers to support your ever-growing list of items and their variations. We also generate your barcodes using static information like the SKU, size, and color.

    Barcodes can be used to streamline your live sales and to double check your intake and fulfillment. At intake, print barcodes based on your order sheet - if you have too many, something is missing. During fulfillment, packers scan the barcodes and the pick list - if something’s not right, they’ll have to fix it.

  • Add product locations for faster fulfillment

    Empower employees to do their jobs with speed and efficiency by recording detailed item locations within CommentSold. CommentSold™ uses item location data within the system to generate optimized picklists, dramatically reducing picking times.

  • Eliminate errors with Strict Fulfillment

    Strict Fulfillment enables employees to perform error-free fulfillment. CommentSold will not allow employees to continue the fulfillment process if they scan the wrong item from an order’s pick sheet.

    If an order has had all of its items scanned correctly, it will be marked as fulfilled and the proper notifications will be sent out immediately to the customer.

  • Partially fulfill or combine orders

    If a customer has placed and paid for an order of multiple products, and one or more of the products are part of a pre-order, then you can partially fulfill the order so that you can ship its contents separately.

    Similarly, when customers create several separate orders, you can easily combine them into one for more cost-effective and faster shipping.

Take control of costs with cross-channel shipping

Offer delivery or local pick up

Have orders shipped right to your customer’s door or allow them to pick up in store! A great option for brick & mortars!

Customize your shipping rates

Shipping costs can be set and applied to orders. Add a flat rate, set up a variable shipping cost, or set up free shipping.

Create & purchase shipping labels

Choose your shipping method, calculate prices for shipping labels, and purchase them - all through our system.

Manage your entire business from one place

Add unlimited team member accounts with personalized permissions.

Easily spot areas of improvement with employee performance reports.

Use Shopify? Sync your products and fulfill orders through us or them.

Learn how social commerce is powering and shaping the retail business.