How To Successfully Live Sell On TikTok Without Going Viral

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The hype of going viral on TikTok can be exciting for businesses and content creators. When your video goes viral on TikTok, you experience widespread attention and engagement, a surge of new followers, likes, comments, and shares. Your brand instantly comes under the limelight, gaining recognition and visibility. In fact, the sudden influx of followers can bring potential collaboration proposals from sought-after brands and influencers and, if you are lucky enough, even media coverage! As a content creator, you get a sense of validation that is rewarding for your creativity and hard work. Seeing your TikTok video gaining traction can be addicting, and watching the numbers soar high can be exhilarating for you to drive content creation and achieve goals for your business by catapulting your online presence.

Brand’s Look to Go Viral But…

Many brands want to know how to go viral on TikTok. But is going viral the only way to get noticed on TikTok selling products as a brand? Nay nay, we say. Going viral on TikTok may have its own set of pros, but it is relatively short-lived. That’s why the term “going viral” has been coined – a process to become very popular very quickly. Going viral once or twice does not guarantee consistent success for your brand, and there are no definite ways of going viral each time you create content on TikTok. If you are a brand looking for long-term, persistent success on TikTok selling products, you must put out consistent effort, creativity, and strategic planning beyond just viral content.

The Answer for How To Go Viral on TikTok Is Not So Simple or Clear

Going viral is a great short-term win but not a long-term strategy. Understanding not all content you create will become viral, that sustained success on TikTok may require ongoing effort, and that strategic planning beyond just viral content is vital. It takes a combination of originality, timing, relevance, and luck. Additionally, it can be challenging to go viral on TikTok for several reasons:

1. The Competition Amongst Content Creators Is Very High

TikTok is a fiercely competitive network where daily content creation is shared and consumed by millions of users across the globe. It can be challenging for your brand’s content to stand out from the crowd and draw people’s attention when there is so much other content competing for your audience’s attention.

2. TikTok’s Trending Content Gets Saturated Easily

Trends on TikTok can easily be oversaturated as more and more users join the same bandwagon. It becomes more difficult for any one of your on-trend videos to stand out and get traction when comparable content is abundant.

3. TikTok’s Constantly Changing User Behavior And Algorithm

The TikTok algorithm chooses the content viewers see depending on various criteria, such as user interaction, relevancy, and behavior. Although producing high-quality content is crucial, the algorithm also considers timing, user preferences, and the author’s location. At the same time, TikTok’s algorithm and user behavior are continuously evolving. Even if you produce excellent material, it might not be successful for various reasons that are out of your control. Since timing, trends, and user preferences can all impact a video’s performance, virality frequently involves a component of luck.

4. Short Attention Span Of Users

TikTok videos must grab viewers’ attention within the first few seconds on TikTok because users have short attention spans. It can be challenging to produce content for TikTok that quickly captures users’ attention and keeps them interested, given the platform’s culture of frequent scrolling and swiping.

Using TikTok Hash Tags for More Reach

TikTok hash tags are a smart way to promote your products and get more exposure to potential shoppers. You can target individuals interested in those specific products or niches using product-specific TikTok hash tags like #skincare, #fitnessgear, or #handmadejewelry. When you use product hashtags in your TikTok videos or live streams, you can boost the discoverability of your products, expand the audience for your content, and increase engagement and sales. 

When using TikTok hash tags for your products, it’s critical to offer insightful and genuine content, present your products interestingly and creatively, and interact with your audience to develop bonds of trust. The following are some pointers for using hashtags on TikTok to promote your products:

  • Use Tiktok hash tags that are relevant to your products, or target market. Use hashtags like #beauty, #makeup, or #cosmetics, for instance, if you offer makeup goods. Using relevant hashtags, you can target customers who are interested in your specialty and are more likely to be interested in your products.
  • Keep an eye on the popular TikTok hash tags, and if they apply to your products, attempt to incorporate them into your content. While viewers frequently search for the most popular hashtags to find content, trending hashtags might increase your videos’ visibility.
  • Make up your own custom hashtags, then ask your followers to incorporate it into any review videos about your brand. Branded hashtags may promote user-generated content, increase brand recognition, and foster community building around your goods.
  • Using too many TikTok hash tags in your live streams can be spammy or overwhelming. Focus on a few popular hashtags that are most likely to draw in your target market.
  • Include a call-to-action in your videos or live streams to get people to interact with your content and utilize hashtags. You might request that viewers comment on their favorite product, use a particular hashtag to describe their experiences or take part in a hashtag challenge that has something to do with your products.
  • Like, comment on, or share other content with similar TikTok hash tags to interact with it. This can improve visibility, foster relationships with other users, and draw in new clients for your brand on TikTok.

Get Viral-Like Engagement with Live Selling TikTok Streams

Using TikTok’s live streaming function to promote and sell goods or services in real-time is known as “live selling.” Hosting a live video broadcast allows you, as a business owner, to engage with your audience, show off your products, share knowledge, and compel viewers to make purchases.

Live selling TikTok videos create an interactive and exciting purchasing experience. TikTok live selling fuses social media with e-commerce because viewers can purchase directly from the TikTok app while watching the live stream. Customers can click and buy things in real-time by adding product links, shopping tags, or swipe-up buttons to sellers’ live streams. On TikTok, some live selling sessions could also feature competitions, giveaways, or other entertaining activities to draw in and keep viewers.

Businesses and Influencers Using Live Selling

Businesses and influencers use live selling on TikTok as a popular trend to advertise products, interact with audiences, and increase sales. It enables in-the-moment communication, fosters a sense of urgency, and uses the platform’s innovative and captivating capabilities to promote products effectively. Yet, it’s critical for you to adhere to TikTok’s rules and regulations, offer genuine and transparent information, and guarantee a satisfying and worthwhile purchase experience for your TikTok shoppers.

“Integrating our TikTok Shop to our live selling platform has had a positive impact on our business. Live selling in our TikTok Shop brings energy and excitement to our lives. We are now selling and servicing women from all over the country. Our new account growth and increased revenue are directly related to the integration of our TikTok Shop with CommentSold.”

Owner, Papaya Branch Boutique

How to Live Sell on TikTok

CommentSold provides the only U.S. e-commerce interface for live selling on TikTok. Even better, our platform is the only one that enables multichannel live sales on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, your website, and mobile app

Selling on TikTok is different from selling on Facebook and Instagram, or other social media sites. You must become familiar with TikTok before posting shoppable TikToks and going live on TikTok Live. This will boost your store’s exposure through TikTok’s algorithm and help your brand maintain good traction and better customer reach within the platform. We recommend hovering over our clickable educational content and following the steps to integrate your live selling TikTok page with CommentSold:

1. Register Your Business On TikTok

The first step in being able to generate shoppable TikToks and host TikTok lives where you may showcase and sell your products is registering your business with TikTok. For TikTok to assess and approve your business for selling products, you must first complete the registration process. Upon submitting your registration form, TikTok may take up to 48 hours to authorize your business. 

Click here for our detailed educational content on registering your business on TikTok.

2. Sync Your Products To TikTok

You must sync your products before you can sell them in shoppable TikToks or on TikTok Live. This is necessary because TikTok must first confirm that your products adhere to their rules before approving them for sale. Only after setting up your shipping preferences and registering your business with TikTok can you connect your products.

Click here to go through the easy steps of syncing your products to TikTok.

3. Go Live On TikTok

By going live on TikTok, you can engage with new audiences, showcase your products, and enable customers to purchase directly from the TikTok app. It’s a streamlined experience that decreases the number of steps a customer has to complete to make a purchase. Please note that going live on your mobile app, website, and other social platforms differs from going live on TikTok. 

Click here to walk through the process of successfully going live on TikTok.

4. Configure Shipping For TikTok Orders

TikTok users will submit their orders through TikTok’s built-in checkout, and that information will transfer to CommentSold, where your staff will process and complete the orders. Orders won’t be filled and shipped via your TikTok Seller Center. It would help if you informed TikTok that you, the vendor, will handle order fulfillment and shipping. TikTok will learn how much to charge customers for shipping through this procedure. Once you’ve registered your company with TikTok, you may specify your shipping preferences. Before syncing and selling products on TikTok, you must finish configuring your shipping options.

 Click here to follow the detailed guide to configuring shipping your orders on TikTok.

“The integration of TikTok shops & CommentSold has truly been a game changer for us! It’s been much easier to capture our TikTok followers and turn them into Willow Tree shoppers! We have seen that TikTok reaches an additional audience, and it’s been exciting to work with the platform to interact with new customers.”

Chief Operating Officer, The Willow Tree

TikTok + CommentSold: Get Consistent, Long-Term Success For Your Brand

Combining the strength of TikTok with CommentSold’s effortless e-commerce integration can give your brand a winning formula for long-term success. You may successfully advertise and sell your products on TikTok by producing exciting and genuine content, using pertinent hashtags, and employing CommentSold’s live selling and product links functionalities. So, make sure to take advantage of the potential of TikTok and CommentSold to lead your brand’s success to new heights in the fast-paced world of social media and e-commerce.

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