Madness in March: The Live Selling Gala for You and Your Shoppers

Live Selling Madness March
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It’s Spring and that means it’s also time for the Spring Madness March brings!

At CommentSold, we’re excited about this epic month-long NCAA college basketball tournament, and we’re even and we’re even more thrilled to help you win at live selling this tournament season.

What’s the Hype Behind the March Madness Tournament ?

If you aren’t a big sports fan, let us summarize the hype behind March Madness. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) organizes several weeks-long tournaments in March featuring 68 basketball teams competing for the championship trophy. Division I basketball teams, representing the highest level of the college basketball scene, play single-elimination matches, uniting thousands of enthusiastic fans across the USA.

March Madness tournaments are so hyped for another reason—if a team loses, they get eliminated on the spot. With the best teams fighting to be the ultimate season champion, the tournament builds up to a nerve-wracking final that draws over 58% of U.S. adults every year. A whopping 19 million people watched last year’s final game!

Tourament Madness: Your Chance as a Business Owner to Tap into the Fandom

Madness Sales are a great way to engage with your customers and fuel their urge to “impulse buy.” We’re talking about creating an innovative and creative consumer culture for your brand so your business can win with this crazy sports season!

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Did you know that Domino’s Pizza sold over 3 million pizzas during the March Madness? Chicken wings are bought 23% more during the basketball frenzy, while apparel associated with the basketball franchises experience 33% more traffic on their websites!

Sales during the month of March are the perfect opportunities to create fun ways for your shoppers to take part in a themed tournament style sale—even if your brand isn’t directly associated with any college basketball team or sports related merchandise.

Going to the Big Dance: 5 Great Ideas For a Live Selling

There are many ways to run a successful March Madness Sale for your brand. To save you time and effort, we have listed five fun ways to stay relevant and boost your live sales during basketball tournament!

1: You as the Selection Committee: Choosing Themed Décor

Now is the time to pump up your March Madness live selling sessions with matching set décor. Supporting the Florida Atlantic Owls? Add in some red and blue themed décor to your live selling studio décor. Use frames in the video that match team colors and shout out energetic team slogans while you sell live. Rugged, sporty décor and basketballs thrown around in your studio will add their charm to your livestream.

2: Color Coordination to Jazz Up Your Broadcast

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Show your support for your favorite team by running a color-coordinated sale. For example, if you and most of your shoppers support the Kansas State Wildcats, run exciting discounts on merchandise with the team’s official colors: royal purple and white.

Do you have more than one team that you support? Run lucrative sales on items that closely match the teams’ colors and hype your customers with fun themes. 

3: Bracket Busters: Use Game Scores to Score with Live Selling Engagement

Every time your team wins a bracket, throw in a surprise discount for your shoppers in your live selling streams – a smart way to reward loyal customers and bring in more customers to tune in to your live sales. Announce a giveaway on social media after the teams you support win a game and ensure that your shoppers are engaged both on your live selling platforms and your social media handles.

4: Don’t be on The Bubble: Utilize Customer Referrals to Boost Sales

Your existing customers are the best brand ambassadors. Celebrate with your most loyal customers with lucrative bonuses themed around the gaming season. Boost your live selling efforts with your current shoppers by running a special referral and loyalty program. Increase the bonuses while your favorite team or teams are playing or increase it for the whole month to bring in the maximum number of new viewers to your channel.

5: Bracketology: Create Your Own Bracket

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The bracket is a huge part of tournament so why not make it your own by creating a bracket for your products! Match products up to teams so when a team wins, that corresponding product advances or make it more interactive by allowing your audience to vote on which product they want to advance—this would be a great way to get some added insight on what products your customers love, too! The winning product could be your end of month giveaway.

Feature your custom bracket in the background of your live sales as a reminder for your audience. You can increase customers’ interest by consistently updating your bracket’s status on your social media. Your target audience may discuss this and even share among their feeds on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, raising awareness and giving your brand that one shinning moment.

Solid Strength of Schedule: Live Sell & Let the Cash Flow

Let your live selling strength of record prep brand up and join in all of the madness March brings today. Set up new content and run some mega campaigns to tap into the mania the basketball tournaments bring with CommentSold. Whether you center your campaign around the tournament bracket for the competition or create a three point shot opportunity with a giveaway, a March Madness live sale can help increase your revenue.


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