Live in the App

Combine two powerhouse tools: your own branded mobile app and Facebook Live video. The addition of Live in the App to the CommentSold platform allows you to stream to your mobile app, Facebook Page, and Facebook Group simultaneously using the same broadcast and a single, centralized inventory.

Shoppers interacting with a flash sale on Facebook or on your mobile app

Combat mobile shopper boredom

Customers can watch, interact with other customers across the platforms, add to cart AND buy without ever leaving the video!
Shopper comments from Facebook and your mobile app

Provide a seamless shopping experience

Customers can experience the thrill of flash sales, whether they watch on Facebook or directly in your mobile app!
Stream to Facebook and your mobile app with a single inventory

Multiple live streams, one inventory

CommentSold allows you to broadcast to your Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, and your mobile app and updates a single, centralized inventory in real-time.



Stream HD quality flash sales
everywhere your customers shop

Facebook Lives have the highest organic reach of any post. Accelerate sales by selling directly on Facebook Live with CommentSold.

Go live in YOUR mobile app

Combine the power or live shopping and mobile apps while keeping selling simple and shopping fun.

A phone showing the CommentSold Live in the App features that allow shoppers to buy directly from a live stream in your app
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Stop depending on Facebook’s distribution to YOUR customers with a native live experience
money icon
Shop other products without leaving the live stream
facebook like icon
Bring in the fun of social with profile pics & emojis
diamond icon
All the excitement of social sales without the noisy newsfeed
Go live on Facebook

Facebook Lives have the highest organic reach of any post. Accelerate sales by selling directly on Facebook Live with CommentSold.

A man selling on Facebook Live with comment purchases and an automated Messenger message
message icon
Notify shoppers of your Live via Messenger
megaphone icon
Your shoppers become your influencers
play video icon
Get 10x the comments with live video
Professional quality Lives

Give your brand personality and engage directly with your shoppers in real-time with professional quality, HD flash sales on all your selling platforms.

CommentSold Talent View dashboard showing inventory updating to your mobile app and Facebook live streams
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Slick overlay with dynamic product display
count icon
Real-time inventory counts trigger FOMO
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Host multi-stream lives from one dashboard

Get actionable strategies to help boost revenue with engaging Facebook Live Sales:

Erin Lane Bags logo with product images

"This software has transformed how I do Live Sales. CommentSold tracks the customers' comments so I don't have to and my customers LOVE it!"

Lindsey Martin


Customers love shopping live in the app, too!


So exciting! I can watch the replay in the mobile app!


I love how there are no distractions. Nothing popping up on the screen.


Shop and do everything while you are watching!


Love being able to see how many are left!


Super clear! There are no interruptions or other distractions.


Love shopping on the mobile app, it's so much easier!



Key features

overlay icon

Professional Overlay

Display purchase instructions, product info, and product image that auto-updates as you advance through your product selection.
talent view icon

Talent View

See comments rolling in, a preview of your stream, and your product selection on a single screen during your Live Sale.
live icon

Dynamic Live Selection

Build your product selection for your Live Sale on the fly by scanning barcodes or searching by SKU/name.
count icon

Real-Time Product Counts

Products have an inventory count shown in your Talent View. Let shoppers know when numbers get low to create urgency.
messenger icon

Messenger Notifications

Automatically send notifications through Facebook Messenger to your followers when your Live Sale kicks off.
tag icon

Customer Tags

In Talent View, comments coming in have tags indicating new shoppers, top fans, and more so you can customize engagement. 
increase icon

Forecast Revenue

Build a collection or product selection and our system will forecast potential revenue based on inventory counts and sales price.
invoicing icon


Instantly and automatically send an invoice through email, comment reply, and/or Messenger when a shopper makes a comment purchase.
list icon

Waitlist & Authorizations

Shoppers can waitlist out of stock items. When available, it’s carted and the shopper is notified. If pre-authorized, they automatically check out!

State of Live Sales in 2019

Our CEO and Founder, Brandon Kruse, gave an exclusive presentation on The State of Live Sales at The Boutique Hub's Boutique Summit in Atlanta, June 2019.

Two women hosting a live flash sale with product images, hearts, and money icons floating around them

If you’re not live selling, you’re missing a huge opportunity...

With people interacting 6x more with live video vs pre-recorded, live streaming has proven itself to be a super-powerful marketing tool.

Facebook is one of the most used social network sites, and Facebook Live is the most effective way to maximize your reach and convert more viewers to loyal followers and customers.


Why live selling is important to growing your sales:

CommentSold makes going live even better

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