Auto invoicing makes social shopping easy

Shoppers interacting with an Instagram post selling a purse.

Step 1

Customers find an item to buy in a post or video on Instagram or Facebook.

A shopper making a comment purchase on an Instagram post and receiving an auto-reply.

Step 2

They comment “Sold” with the identifier plus variants, and their invoice is automatically created.

A shopper clicking through to checkout.

Step 3

The shopper clicks the link in their invoice sent via comment, Messenger, or email and checks out.

Save time & increase revenue

CommentSold users save over 40 hours per week in invoicing alone.

Invoice on social
Facebook and Instagram posts selling bowls with comment purchases and automated replies via comment and Facebook Messenger
invoice - 40
Instantly send invoices via automated comment replies, Facebook Messenger, or email
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Send auto-replies to guide shoppers to checkout
Maximize sales
A product listing with customization options using add-ons and split pay
icon - combine 40-3
Accept pre-orders on products
icon - dollar sign
Create split payments to collect installments
icon - addon 40
Add personalization with product add-ons
icon - autho 40-4
Allow pre-authorization for auto-payments on waitlisted items
Use trusted processors
image - processors
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icon - dollar sign
icon - dollar sign
icon - dollar sign

Get the latest tips and tricks to boost revenue with social retail:

Guide shoppers with impactful, automated messages

icon - list 40-2

Guide new customers to registration

icon - confirm

Confirm items have carted

icon - notification 40-4

Alerts for incorrect comment format

icon - organized 40-2

List what inventory is still available

icon - waitlist 40-5

Notify shoppers when an item is waitlisted

icon - waitline 40-2

Show waitlist status

icon - cart 40-4

Remind customers of cart expirations

Support and scale your business
with automation

An order summary and an auto reply directing customers to checkout with two people looking happy
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Eliminate errors

Human error creates costly mistakes. CommentSold's tech tallies invoices accurately every time.
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Free up your time

Automate menial tasks so you can focus on your business. Shoppers won't have to wait on an invoice ever again.
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Increase sales

Cart expirations combined with waitlists and card pre-authorization ensures no sale is left behind.

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Get tax compliant

Your included Avalara account sends real-time sales tax calculations to your shopping carts and invoices, all in a flash.

The Ultimate Guide to Introducing Comment Shopping to Your Community

Download our in-depth guide with 16 pages of best practices on how to successfully and seamlessly implement Comment and Live Selling into your sales strategy.

Key features

automated icon

Automated Invoicing

Instantly and automatically send an invoice through email, comment reply, and/or Messenger when a shopper makes a comment purchase.
conversation icon

Conversational Auto-replies

Automatically reply with preset comments on threads, Messenger, or email to guide new shoppers to registration, confirm items carted, and more.
cart icon

Custom Cart Expirations

Set how long a shopper has to check out before their cart gets dumped. Invoices show the clock ticking down and reminders are sent via auto-replies.
hourglass icon

Waitlists & Authorizations

Shoppers can waitlist out of stock items. When available, it’s carted and the shopper is notified. If pre-authorized, they automatically check out!
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Popular Payment Gateways

Choose from the popular payment gateways your customers love to use: Stripe, Paypal, Square, and Sezzle.
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Send an invoice to shoppers to get on a waitlist or prepay for products. After you receive the product, update the quantity, and your shoppers will automatically get a reminder to pay.
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Split Pay

Let customers pay a portion of an item’s total upfront. After receiving the product, send a second invoice so they can pay the remaining cost.
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Payment Reporting

Get a full breakdown of payments received, product revenue, shipping revenue, taxes, cost of goods sold, shipping costs, and gross profits with CommentSold’s payment reporting.

CommentSold's fully automated social commerce tools provide authentic, real-time interactions to continuously engage and convert shoppers.

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