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Revolutionizing E-commerce: 5 Surprising Things You Can Do with CommentSold’s New CMS

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Live commerce has become an increasingly popular way for brands and retailers to engage with customers and boost sales. CommentSold has introduced a powerful new content management system that makes managing and growing your business with a dynamic website and shoppable videos, simple and easy.

This new system offers a range of features that make it easier than ever to create engaging content and boost sales using its enhanced content creation tools, better performance tracking, and improved tools and navigation. With all of these features and more, CommentSold’s new content management system is a must-have for brands and retailers looking to take their live commerce game to the next level. 

CommentSold’s live selling features are the core of its platform. It enables brands and retailers to host live events where they showcase products and interact with customers in real time. CommentSold automates the purchase process, generating invoices, and sending them directly to customers. This streamlined process means that customers can purchase products quickly and easily without leaving the live stream.

Now, the content management system is offering all new features where users can do things like create unlisted pages for special opportunities, automatic page updates and XML sitemap creation, content widgets to create mini-collections, blogs, and more.

Let’s Explore 5 Surprising New Features You Can Use To Enhance Your Content.

1. Create Customizable Pages with Collections

Content widgets are a powerful way to showcase your products and engage with customers. By using content widgets, you not only make it easier for customers to discover and purchase your products but also build trust and credibility around your brand.

Any page can now showcase a collection and use our customization widgets like header block, text editor, slideshow, and product grid to produce a high-quality, branded site. All can be done with no special skills in coding or design. 

2. Generate Automatic Content from Live Replays

CommentSold’s technology determines which product is being featured in your live sale and allows you to add clips from the live sell directly to your product listing. Brands and retailers can also make their live commerce events available for replay. Customers can also purchase products directly from the replay. This creates a sense of urgency and scarcity around products, driving sales long after the live event has ended.

3. Monitor Performance with Page-Level SEO

Measuring the success of a live commerce event is crucial in determining what worked and what didn’t. CommentSold’s performance tracking feature provides hosts with real-time data on engagement rates, sales, and revenue during the event.

The new on-page SEO capability can play a crucial role in your online store’s success. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can increase its visibility and attract more traffic to your site. Now you can use META titles and descriptions that include relevant keywords such as maxi skirts, tank tops, casual dresses, and summer dresses to improve your SEO and help your customers find your content easier and faster. This helps search engines understand what searches the page is relevant for, leading to higher rankings in search results by driving traffic organically.

4. Create VIP Offers with Unlisted Pages

Unlisted pages allow you to offer unique or targeted opportunities to specific customers (such as VIP shoppers) without changing your main site flow. You may now create exclusive ad-based offers for a specific period and reward your most loyal customers or lure new shoppers with tailored discounts, giveaways, or free gifts with purchase. You can insert a tracking code on your page that tracks a specific campaign only for that page to monitor its success.

5. Optimize SEO with Specialized Page Flows

With CommentSold’s new Site Creator, you can create page flows that go beyond simply dropping shoppers onto a page with products. Highlight your top products with a curated product grid, showcasing their unique features and enticing shoppers to explore further, leading to increased conversions and a boost in sales.

You can improve your website’s search engine ranking with another cool new feature–anchor tags. When a user clicks on an anchor link, it takes them directly to the designated anchor point within the page, without the hassle of having to go to another page. You can link to specific page sections to improve navigation, user experience and increase sales.  

Grow Your E-commerce Business with the New CommentSold Content Management System and Site Builder

  • Allow users to create unlisted pages for special opportunities
  • Include page-level SEO, making it easier to optimize content for search engines and attract more traffic to your site 
  • Offer automatic page updates, ensuring that your content is always up-to-date and relevant
  • Users can add automatic videos to their product listings, creating a more engaging and informative shopping experience for customers.

Live commerce is here to stay, and CommentSold’s powerful features make it easy for brands and retailers to capitalize on this growing trend. With its live sale and all-new CMS features like enhanced content creation, performance tracking, and improved tools and navigation, CommentSold provides a comprehensive platform for hosting engaging and successful live commerce events with many more dynamic features in development. 

Whether you’re a small business or a large retailer looking to increase sales and customer engagement, CommentSold has the tools you need to succeed. So why not give CommentSold a try and revolutionize your live commerce game today?

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