How BOPIS Is Giving Brick & Mortars A Winning Edge

Buy online pick up in-store (aka BOPIS) services have been changing the game for brick and mortar stores. In the fiercely competitive world of retail, brick and mortar businesses must find ways to not only survive in competition with big box stores but also their eCommerce counterparts.

BOPIS integrates digital and traditional channels to satisfy modern customers’ expectations, giving both stores and consumers flexibility and perks that stand-alone channels cannot. Here’s how brick and mortars can benefit from incorporating BOPIS.

Two women shopping in a brick and mortar boutique.

1. Boost foot traffic

Foot traffic doesn’t have to suffer once a store opens up shop online. BOPIS gives shoppers the convenience and flexibility that is a major factor in driving foot traffic in an organic way.

In particular, BOPIS gives customers all the benefits of online shopping- sifting for bargains, using search features to find specific items, and making their purchasing decisions whenever, wherever. The bonus of BOPIS is that they have the option of saving on shipping and getting their packages as soon as they walk into your storefront.

Woman trying on an outfit in a storefront mirror

2. Increase upsell revenue

Brick and mortars armed with BOPIS can do what online-only stores cannot. They can get customers through the door where they can make additional impulse buys.

In fact, 49% of BOPIS shoppers are willing to purchase additional items in-store when collecting their online order. Retailers can take advantage of this with attractive displays, in-store sales, and using store associates to up-sell.

Smiling woman holding shopping bag inside a brick and mortar boutique.

3. Reduce costs

Customers’ desire for free shipping is as strong as ever. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that customers prefer to have the option to take this responsibility into their own hands. Consumers report that the leading reason to choose in-store pickup is to avoid shipping costs.

While BOPIS removes the cost of shipping for customers, it also removes some of the burdens of fulfillment and last mile delivery costs for retailers. With customers cutting down on these services, retailers can stretch their dollars a bit further than before!

A smiling storefront associate greets people as they arrive at their brick & mortar boutique.

4. Enhance customer experiences

One of the major drawbacks of eCommerce only stores is that customers cannot experience products as they do in physical stores. With BOPIS options, brick and mortars have the advantage of letting their customers see and feel the product before taking it home. If the items are not as expected, the store can perform an immediate return. Without the hassle of mail returns, customer satisfaction rises.

More in-store traffic also means more opportunities to have meaningful and memorable face-to-face interactions with them. Human touchpoints always provide a greater impression on customers than online.

Store associates can enhance customer experience by providing excellent service, style suggestions, and notify them of current sales. This welcoming experience can easily win customer loyalty and give you an edge over your competitors.

The Takeaway

BOPIS boosts brick and mortar foot traffic, can increase your average order value, allows both shoppers and retailers to forego delivery wait times and costs, and can greatly enhance your customer experiences. It’s the perfect way to blend both online and physical channels, where they can strengthen one another.


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