Creating Raving Fans

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone as the world has shifted. As dramatic changes have taken place, everyone has sought out ways to maintain a sense of normalcy. Retail trends and consumer behavior have changed dramatically to keep up with the demands of society. As these changes have taken place, there is one thing that has become more vital to successful selling than ever before. That one thing is having RAVING FANS who champion your business.

Now more than ever before people are feeling disconnected and alone. Building a personal connection between yourself and your clientele is one of the best ways to build a fanbase for your business. These people are the ones who will shop with you no matter what, who believe in you, and who are always telling others about you and your boutique.

For your fans, the relationship between consumer and retailer is more than just an exchange of goods and money. It becomes a personal connection, and they are passionate and excited about everything you do.

You probably already have a good number of raving fans among your shoppers. The question then is how do you detect these special shoppers and maintain their loyalty? If you look at your customer base, you’ll notice that around 80% of buyers come and go without making a personal connection or purchasing regularly. You don’t need to focus a lot of attention on these people as they are not the repeat shoppers who are telling everyone they know about your shop.

Another 16% of your customers are reoccurring shoppers who keep an eye out for a sale but aren’t particularly loyal to your brand. These people mostly show up when they know you’re having a big sale or some kind of deal.

It’s the remaining 4% who are your RAVING FANS, and these are the people who loyally shop with you week after week and LOVE you as a person as much as they love your product. Growing your business means not only converting more people into these raving fans, but building those special customer relationships that keep them coming back and talking about you over and over again.


2 Ways to Allow CommentSold to Do The Work for YOU!

CommentSold provides two powerful ways to help you find and reward these fans. The first reward system is the Loyalty Rewards program. This program rewards shoppers for their OWN purchases. Loyal shoppers love to be rewarded, and the Loyalty Program through CommentSold makes it easy for them to earn money back whenever they shop! This is nothing they have to sign up for, the system automatically adds a credit onto their account every time they shop! It’s like an always-on sale for your customers, whether they are part of the 96% or the 4%.

The second reward system that CommentSold provides is the Refer & Earn program. This program rewards them when they share their love of your boutique with their friends and family, and those friends and family then come and make a purchase with you. The Refer & Earn program provides every shopper with a unique code that they share with their friends and family. When those friends and family shop using that code, your VIPs earn a percentage of the sales as an account credit. They are rewarded for sharing their love of your boutique! There is no limit to how many people can use their code, so the more they share, the more they earn!

More About Loyalty Rewards

The Loyalty Rewards Program rewards customers with a percentage of their purchase (before tax, discounts, or shipping) automatically credited back to their account. These percentages typically range from 1% to 3% and are always on for Loyalty Rewards customers! You can even do a Double Rewards day or weekend where you double the percentages occasionally when you need a boost in sales.


Power Hours are another way to reward loyalty shoppers with an even HIGHER amount back for a very specific, shortened period of time. This is a great way to reward those super fans and encourage them to celebrate their loyalty status. Power hour where the reward is 20% CASH BACK? What about a BLACK FRIDAY imagine the possibilities!

These events, when promoted well, provide one of the best ways to engage new fans! Everyone loves a good deal, and lots of shoppers will sign up for the loyalty program to participate in Double Rewards Days and Power Hours.

More About Refer and Earn

Your customers who are actively earning rewards through the Loyalty Program will be even more excited about the Refer and Earn program. It’s a fantastic way for your best shoppers to get out there and share their LOVE for your shop! Each customer gets a special code that they can give to their friends. Not only does the existing customer earn something, the new customer also earns! This is such a great way to encourage your best shoppers to be your best ambassadors. You have the option of giving a percentage or a flat dollar amount to the referrer – either way, you’ll be rewarding them for helping your business grow!


Don’t forget to educate your customers on how to use their rewards. They will get an email and a notification alerting them of the amount they earned after each purchase. Shop credit is located right on their account page and can be applied to any order after the original purchase. Make sure to find ways to make it fun and unique for loyal shoppers to earn and use their rewards.


Make sure you are putting these programs into places your customers can FIND them. Make sure they know all about these amazing programs by posting them in your VIP groups, on your navigation, help pages and APP Information. Use creative titles to help them click to learn more!guest-blog-create-raving-fans-image6.4

These programs are both simple and very effective. Once set up they are completely automated – there is nothing you need to touch! It’s easy to present referral and loyalty info on your navigation menu and your shopping app. Either or both of these systems are quick and easy ways to say “thanks” to ALL 100% of your customers for the behavior you want to reward.

If you are looking for more information or ideas on how to get new eyes on your social media, be sure to check us out!


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