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Why Social Sellers Still Use Paid Ads

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Social sellers understand the importance of Facebook and Instagram in their marketing strategies because, often, they are their means of selling. Facebook has built in tools that are hugely advantageous to any business, but especially for social sellers. Here’s why.

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Paid ads circumvent the decline of organic reach

If you’ve noticed a decline in organic reach, you’re not alone. Between the vast number of posts and changes in algorithms, visibility is a constant struggle on social media. Organic reach used to hinge on how much engagement a page could drum up. Now those efforts are not enough.

Changing algorithms have changed the playing field. You can continue to post more engaging content, but how do you ensure that it’s seen? The only way to guarantee more eyes on your page and its content is to use paid advertising.

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Paid ads stimulate engagement

Ads encourage engagement, and engagement leads to higher ranking on newsfeeds. Paid ads can help you get that engagement easily. Use them to extend your page posts beyond your business page and inspire your audience to take action. You can encourage very specific consumer behavior, depending on the objective of your ad campaign and its type. Get consumers to take notice of your brand, interact with a post, or join a group.

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Paid ads reach your target demographic

You probably have a pretty good idea who your ideal customers are. When you use Facebook and Instagram advertising, you have the option to segment your audience by ideal specifics such as preferred age, gender, interests, etc. This keeps you from wasting ad dollars and also gets you the fans with the greatest spending potential.

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Paid ads expand reach to all selling avenues

Paid ads can boost your customer numbers by providing a means of interacting not only with pages but also with your group, website, and app. Increasing customer acquisition for each selling channel is much easier with the help of targeted and retargeted ads.

The frequency with which these show up encourages familiarity with brand names and items. They can then easily nudge them to take notice of your various selling channels and encourage them to make consistent purchases there.

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Paid ads help you outshine your competition & boost brand visibility

Enter the current day’s newsfeed. It’s nonstop noise. It doesn’t stop at competing businesses. You’re up against selfies, memes, tutorials, and your neighbor’s lunch. You will have to jockey for social interactions among friends, family, and other retailers. Therefore, showing up often is a necessity. Paid ad implementation is a convenient, visible, and automated means of doing it.

The Takeaway

Changing social media algorithms can be a thorn in the side of those who live sell. However, a good paid ad strategy will help you sidestep them, reach your most valuable prospects, boost brand visibility, increase page performance, and bolster your reach across all selling channels. The bottom line? It pays to use paid ads.

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