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10 Businesses That Saw Over 5x Growth With Live Shopping in the U.S.

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More and more businesses are offering live shopping experiences to their customers to exponentially grow their revenue. Here, we celebrate 10 businesses that have reaped the benefits of this popular sales method. 

Featured Businesses

  1. Flaunt Boutique – Enjoys 6x Revenue Growth
  2. Resort to Style – Surges with 17x More Sales
  3. Whiskey Skies – Sees 17x Sales Growth
  4. One24 Boutique – Grew Profits 22x
  5. Mint Pineapple Boutique – Blossoms with 25x More Revenue
  6. Jennaration Boutique – Grows Profits 35x
  7. Coastal Bloom – Blossoms with 81x Sales Growth
  8. MJHome – Achieves 103x Revenue Growth
  9. Bird and Co – Soars with 108x Profit Growth
  10. Filly Fair – Flaunts a Whopping 642x Growth in Revenue

10 Businesses That Incorporated Live Shopping Through CommentSold To Grow Sales:

Flaunt Boutique Enjoys 6x Revenue Growth

Flaunt is a social-media-based boutique founded in 2012 by Autumn and Laura, catering to college-aged women. Their team of over 12 women helps women with limited budgets dress stylishly. With a focus on convenience, they love that their shoppers can easily comment “sold” with their size on social media, web, and mobile app to place orders.

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Resort to Style Surges with 17x More Sales

  • Experienced a 17x increase in sales since joining CommentSold in November 2018.
  • Known for exceptional customer service and a wide range of high-quality products
  • Creates engaging live shopping experiences using their CommentSold powered mobile app.

Resort to Style is an online boutique known for exceptional customer service and a diverse range of high-quality, affordable clothing, accessories, and other products. Owners Erica and James have built a loyal following, whom they affectionately call the “Squirrel Squad.” They particularly love their branded mobile app, which enhances their shoppers’ experiences with real-time overlay and other engaging live selling features.

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Whiskey Skies Sees 17x Sales Growth

Whiskey Skies is a lively boutique offering unbeatably priced trendy clothing, clothing, home decor, and accessories. Founded by Joanne and Steve, they handpick quality pieces for all shapes and sizes, providing affordable options with fast delivery. With their fun-loving nature and four playful dogs, Whiskey Skies brings joy to the shopping experience. 

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One24 Boutique Grew Profits 22x

One24 Boutique, operated by a mother-daughter duo, started in 2016 with the aim of providing a unique and special style experience to make shoppers happy. They appreciate CommentSold’s combined order shipping feature, which has greatly reduced manual order combining. Using a CommentSold-powered mobile app, shipping/barcoding features, and loyalty programs, One24 Boutique has been able to streamline their operations and grow their business.

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Mint Pineapple Boutique Blossoms with 25x More Revenue

Mint Pineapple Boutique, founded by Jessica and her husband Frank, is dedicated to serving plus-size customers with affordable, comfortable, high-quality clothing. With Jessica personally handpicking every style, their goal is to make everyone feel beautiful and confident. They offer various shopping options, including a mobile app, live shows on Facebook, and a 24/7 accessible website. Their customer service, shipping, and exceptional comfort and fit have earned them the title of the number one boutique in Kansas.

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Jennaration Boutique Grows Profits 35x

  • Grew profits by 35x and became one of the fastest-growing businesses with the help of CommentSold’s live selling.
  • Leverages the CommentSold powered mobile app to give addictive shopping experiences.

For Jenna and Jennaration Boutique, the journey began in 2013 with a humble spare bedroom, a desk, and a handful of clothing items. Despite facing skepticism and limited resources, Jenna’s dedicated herself to the business, working long hours and making sacrifices. Over time, her efforts paid off, as she opened multiple storefronts, gained recognition as a fast-growing business, and built a dedicated team. Jenna’s story serves as an inspiration to pursue dreams with hard work, prayer, and unwavering determination, regardless of age or circumstances.

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Coastal Bloom Blossoms with 81x Sales Growth

Coastal Bloom is a boutique operated by a passionate owner who personally handles multiple roles including packing, shipping, and modeling. The boutique, which started in 2015 as a spin-off of, focuses on offering trendy yet affordable clothing and jewelry. The store is committed to providing current styles at reasonable prices, emphasizing that high prices don’t always equate to high quality, allowing customers to indulge in their fashion desires without feeling guilty.

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MJHome Achieves 103x Revenue Growth

  • Achieved 103x revenue growth since adopting CommentSold in May 2018.
  • Focuses on affordability which is enabled through CommentSold’s low commission fees and comprehensive fulfillment.
  • Uses their branded CommentSold powered mobile app for live selling to grow exponentially.

Mamas Junk Co, now known as MJHome, is a unique home decor boutique. With a focus on quality and affordability, MJHome has set itself apart from competitors by offering a diverse range of stylish and functional home décor items. The boutique’s favorite CommentSold features include the branded and user-friendly mobile app, which helps them connect with their customers and build a strong community around their brand with live selling.

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Bird and Co Soars with 108x Profit Growth

  • Grew 108x since 2018 by adopting live selling with CommentSold.
  • Offers trendy and affordable clothing, and fosters genuine connections with customers through CommentSold’s multichannel livestreaming.
  • Utilizes CommentSold’s live selling features the most for easy conversions.

Bird & Co Boutique, founded by Sara and Tyler King in 2018, has grown from a bedroom startup into a sprawling business with 7,000 SF storefront and a 10,000 SF warehouse in Mocksville, NC. Seeing what live selling was doing for other shops, Sara and Tyler felt their shoppers were the kind who would love seeing them live. Going live 2-3 times daily to offer live shopping enables them to foster genuine connections with customers.

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Filly Flair Flaunts a Whopping 642x Growth in Revenue

  • Grew revenue by a whopping 642x since partnering with CommentSold on May 21st, 2017.
  • Their goal is to nurture the community through live shopping experiences.
  • Loves using CommentSold’s “Shop the Look” feature to showcase multiple items in a go.

Filly Flair Boutique is a stylish online boutique offering cute and comfortable clothing for women. Founded in 2010 by Laura Benson, their mission is to help every woman feel beautiful in her own skin by providing high-quality, stylish designs that embrace individuality. With a focus on comfort and celebrating unique styles, Filly Flair is a thriving source of fun and exciting women’s fashion.

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Unlocking the Business Growth Potential of Live Selling

Discover how thousands of businesses have harnessed the power of live selling to boost their revenue to new heights with CommentSold. These are the success stories of just some of the businesses that have put their trust in CommentSold to enhance their business growth and haven’t looked back.

Armed with innovative retail features crafted specifically with live selling in mind, CommentSold equips businesses of all sizes with the tools they need to build more intimate connections with their customers. Providing a one-of-a-kind live shopping experience is now within your grasp, with the power to create loyal, repeat customers who keep coming back for more.

The live shopping revolution is well underway, and these businesses are leading the charge with CommentSold. Whether you’re a one-person retail business or an established one, it’s never been easier live sell. Many thriving businesses started this lucrative journey with a simple demo. And live selling is something that you can try for free without any risks!

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