6 Brilliant Tips for Selling Jewelry on Facebook Live

Like most jewelry retailers, you’re probably wondering how to sell jewelry online, or you may be wondering what the first step is to understand how to sell jewelry online. You might be surprised to learn that you don’t need to look much further than your Facebook Newsfeed!

Facebook Live Selling is quickly becoming the hottest way to reach jewelry lovers and give them a fun, entertaining, and interactive way to shop. Whether you’re a small business selling from jewelry suppliers, looking to sell handmade jewelry online, or reselling vintage jewelry pieces, Facebook Live can be of great benefit to you.

In fact, successful fashion jewelry brands have already paved the way with proven practices that your business can use today. Learn the tricks of the trade with tips to widen your audience, multiply sales, and create a virtual shopping experience that will turn brand fans into brand devotees.

Tip #1. Get ready for your close-up

Visual presentation is everything, so make sure you have a way to properly show off all the best selling points of your items! Jewelry is small and often sparkly, making it difficult for video to capture its most important details.

However, with a tripod and a simple magnifying glass, you can get close enough to show intricate work, inscriptions, and the like. To show scale, consider putting the item in the palm of your hand or on a model’s finger, neck, or wrist.

Tip #2. Style to upsell

What’s better than a beautiful necklace? A beautiful necklace with the perfect earrings and bracelet to match! Model complimentary items, and your customers will be adding items to their order that they didn’t even know they needed.

By merchandising a piece of jewelry with complementary pieces (an especially valuable idea for retailers who sell clothing and accessories too), you’re solving a styling question for your viewers, showing your smarts, and selling additional items!

Tip #3. Be responsive and engaging

It’s important to interact with your viewers as much as possible because you want to be able to keep their full attention, solve their problems, and skillfully offer product suggestions. As a bonus, the more interactions (comments, likes, and shares) your video has, the more Facebook Marketplace will distribute it to other people’s newsfeeds where they can discover you.

Ask your viewers questions about their sense of style and what types of jewelry they’d like to see. Do they prefer boho, glam, classic, vintage, or chic, styles? What about the types of pieces they want to see, such as diamond jewelry, old jewelry, and costume jewelry? Perhaps they have an upcoming event or occasion they might be shopping for. Just ask!

Once you know your audience members a little better, you can give them suggestions for how to dress on the spot. Don’t forget to follow up with any customer service questions, too!

Being engaging is also a great way to attract a potential customer. New customers will not only look at your jewelry products, but they’ll be paying attention to how an online jewelry brand interacts with its customers.

Tip #4. Dial up your storytelling

Ever notice how quick people are to tell you the backstory of a jewelry piece you compliment? We humans love to hear stories, and we love to connect with other humans by sharing tidbits about where we found it, what the item is made of, its history, and so on.

If you design your own jewelry to sell, storytelling will be easy for you. Regardless, remember to add a little romance to your pitch.

Tip #5. Be detail-oriented

Before the show starts, be sure to know the facts about each item. The more expensive an item is, the more specifics you’ll need to know. Have facts on hand for whether an item is sterling, made of solid gold or plated, a precious metal or a semi-precious stone, etc.

Tip #6. Host a live workshop

If you sell handmade jewelry online, this tip is for you! One way to build relationships with your customers and get the word out about your jewelry business is to host an online jewelry-making workshop. Invite customers behind the scenes to see your creative process. At the end, you can sell your special, one-of-a-kind items.

Since your jewelry store is online, you’ll always need to find ways to keep your customers engaged. With Facebook Live and live workshops, you’re allowing your customers to connect on a more personal level, despite being an online store.

The Takeaway

The jewelry industry is ready for a big comeback. In the last few years, it has been one of the hardest hit retail industries. Whether you’re selling designer jewelry or fashion jewelry, live shopping and video selling offer you a treasure trove of advantages when they’re done right.

Get your customers’ attention by setting up and styling your items, engaging them and selling to them like a pro, and persuading them through your online marketplace with stories and workshops. Do this, and you’ll attract a community of loyal, like-minded customers who always tune in and shop with you.

And, if you want to make it easier for them (and for you), you can use CommentSold to allow your customers to check out items directly from the video. Automatically capture payments, streamline sales, and get the tools you need as a jewelry seller for increased engagement and sales. Now that’s a win-win!


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