Overcoming Your Fear of Live Sales

Facts are facts: social video boosts your business’s influence and engagement. Facebook Live has 6x more organic reach than any other social post and 3x longer view times than recorded videos.

However, live video, much like public speaking, seems to strike fear in the hearts of even the bravest retailers. If this is you, don’t worry. Here are some tips and tricks to overcome your fear of conducting Facebook live sales.

Woman writing a script for her Facebook Live Sale with a pink pen in hand.

Create a Script

Live video is all about spontaneity, but not everything about your live sale needs improvisation. Your intro, outro, and engagement games can all be scheduled and scripted to keep you feeling confident and organized.

For your intro, write a short, yet catchy description of your sale. Jot down some key points like who you are, brand name, and how to purchase. If you’re running games and contests, let them know about that too. It will give your audience an incentive to stick around.

The body of your script can be put into bullet points to help you out at a glance. You can include curated outfits, games, and contests here.

For outros, you will want to tell your audience how to attend your next Live Sale, tell them how to connect with your brand when you’re not live and thank them for attending.

Get Familiar with Your Live Sale Selection

While you prepare your live sale inventory, also known as a live sale selection, get familiar with the different pieces you’re going to present. Doing so will help you point out the most desirable features of each piece. It can also help you create looks with complementary items, allowing you to cross-sell. Being prepared to show and tell pays!

Facebook Live Privacy Settings
Practice in private

Practice makes perfect! If you want to perform a practice run where you can watch the playback, Facebook’s privacy settings make that possible. Go to Facebook Live, enter the privacy settings, and choose “Only Me”. When you broadcast, the video will be available to you only.

We highly recommend newbies to try this first, because it will give you an idea of where to position yourself in frame. It is also the perfect time to test out equipment so you can eliminate any technical difficulties beforehand.

Embrace imperfection

Don’t let your nerves get to you. Even the most seasoned live sales hosts have silly mishaps. They’re part of the Facebook Live experience! It’s raw and authentic, which is why Facebook Live is so effective at connecting customers with brands.

Silly moments like these show that the people behind the company are human, just like them! Don’t let perfectionism get the best of you. The most important part of your live broadcast is showing up and providing value to your audience.

The Takeaway

Live sales enhance customer relationships, as well as boost sales, and increase reach. With a script in hand, familiarity with your inventory, practice under your belt, and the ability to embrace imperfection, you can do this no sweat! After a couple of live broadcasts, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

Want more tips? Get the Complete Guide to Live Sales to get best practices, equipment recommendations, & tricks to maximizing your videos.


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