Drive your fans wild with exciting shopping experiences

It’s a known fact that people are naturally competitive and motivated by reward. Tap into these psychologies with CommentSold’s retail gamification features and turn shopping into a game that keeps your customers coming back again and again!

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A woman enjoying the thrill of shopping through CommentSold

Trigger FOMO & eliminate cart abandonment with custom expirations.

From one hour to one day, you control when carts expire.

Customers can see the countdown timer from their cart.

Send timed pending cart reminders to shoppers.

Choose to enable or disable night-time cart expirations.

Cart expirations auto dumping a cart
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CommentSold gives you the tools to leverage gamification so you can accelerate sales, increase return customers, and create a fun and engaging shopping experience. 

Use free shipping as an interactive reward

24 hour shipping icon
24-hour free shipping
Create an addicting shopping experience with free shipping for up to 24 hours after customers checkout. If they shop every day, they get free shipping forever!
Timeframe icon
Free shipping time-frames
Encourage faster checkouts and speed up your sales cycle by offering free shipping to customers who checkout within your custom set time-frame.
Maximum shipping icon
Free shipping maximums
Take advantage of impulse buys! Simply set a custom dollar amount that shoppers must have in their cart at checkout to get free shipping on their order.
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of online shoppers prefer free shipping as a purchase incentive

Keep customers engaged with powerful waitlist features

Two young women excited they got the item on their waitlist


Never miss a sale with CommentSold's dynamic waitlists

Once a cart expires, it’s automatically dumped. Waitlisted items are placed in the next cart in line and a notification is sent to that lucky shopper - all without you lifting a finger.

Pending shopping carts will become a thing of the past so you can accurately forecast revenue and stop chasing down customers for payments.

A pair of shoes being added to a waitlist


Guarantee sales for you and first dibs for shoppers with waitlist authorizations 

Customers who have a credit card saved and Waitlist Authorization enabled on their account are sent to the top of the waitlist and automatically charged when the item is restocked.

Use waitlists to help with reordering too! See what items are waitlisted and how many people are on the list. If you restock within 30-days, customers with the item on their waitlist will be notified and those with waitlist authorization enabled will automatically be charged!

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