Drive sales & engagement

Grow your fan base organically with shopping experiences that encourage interactions.

Increase customer loyalty

Turn followers into influencers by incentivizing return customers and rewarding top fans.

Make shopping fun

Engage with shoppers in real-time to create experiences your fans look forward to.

Accelerate sales
with the power of FOMO


Reduce cart abandonment

Use cart expirations to motivate shoppers to check out before they miss out.

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You control when carts expire
icon - waitlist 40-1
Customers see the countdown in their cart
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Automatically send pending cart reminders
Convert more sales, faster

Increase spending with limited-time and exclusive purchase incentives.

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Return shoppers build up streaks with free shipping 24 hours after purchase
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Spark a purchase with games and coupons
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Encourage faster checkouts with one-hour free shipping
Maximize impulse buys

Keep inventory flying off the shelf.

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Use Mystery Items for easy upsells
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Max free shipping encourages larger orders
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Guarantee sales for you and first dibs for shoppers with waitlists & authorizations

Receive tips and best practices for boosting engagement with retail gamification

testimonial - lauren2

"Mystery items just saved my sanity! I'm offloading stuff I was ready to burn: 40 sold in less than an hour! Thank you CommentSold!"

Lauren Richmond


Key features

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Mystery Items

Move old inventory! Set limits on price and days in inventory and we'll pick an item they've never ordered before.
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Custom Cart Expirations

Set how long a shopper has to check out before their cart is dumped. Invoices show the clock ticking down.
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Expiration Reminders

Notifications are automatically sent at custom, timed intervals via email or Facebook Messenger.
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Night-time Expire

If enabled, shopping carts will expire around the clock. If disabled, shopping carts will not expire from 11pm-7am.
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Free Shipping Max

Set a dollar amount that would qualify an order for free shipping to encourage increased order size.
icon - 24hr 40-1

24-Hour Free Shipping

Enable to offer free shipping to customers that make another purchase within 24 hours of their last purchase.
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Hour Free Shipping

When enabled, shoppers that check out within an hour of adding an item to their cart, they receive free shipping.
icon - waitlist 40-1

Waitlist & Authorizations

Out of stock items are waitlisted. When available, it’s carted and the shopper is notified. If authorized, they auto check out!
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Set the expiration, minimum order amount, and usage restrictions. You can even tie it to a specific collection.

Free Download: 9 Images to Reduce Cart Abandonment

One of eCommerce's biggest hurdles is to keep customers from abandoning their carts. Get shoppers to checkout quick with one-hour free shipping. (PRO TIP: Free shipping sound too expensive? Work shipping costs into your retail price)

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Sell more, faster with gamification

CommentSold gives you the tools to keep shoppers engaged with shopping experiences that will keep them coming back for more and turn them into influencers so you can sell more than ever before.

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Use the power of FOMO to boost sales and trigger impulse buys

88% of shoppers prefer free shipping as a purchase incentive

Make shoppers addicted to shopping with you with rewards & interactions

Use games to connect with your shoppers & show personality

Reward top fans with special coupons and discounts to keep them coming back

CommentSold gives you the tools to leverage gamification so you can accelerate sales, increase return customers, and create a fun and engaging shopping experience.

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