Save upto $3000 on SaaS fees

Our 25% off sale on Videeo for Shopify is On Now!
Save upto $3000 on SaaS fees

Our 25% off sale on Videeo for Shopify is On Now!

Best-in-Class Live Selling Platform

Put your online business on the fast track for ecommerce growth – start selling live on your website tomorrow with interactive, shoppable live video streams and explode your  conversion rates. Typical customers 8X their business over 2 years.

Live Selling is Video Commerce

Combining entertainment with the ease of e-commerce purchasing, live stream video selling offers retailers a new channel for brand-building, engagement and higher converting customers. Through video commerce, sellers demonstrate and feature products in real time as well as on-demand, through shoppable video content that is interactive and multichannel.


estimated value of the U.S.
livestreaming market by 2026


higher repeat purchases ratesfrom the customers


increased engagement on live videos vs pre-recorded

Our platform(s) support all your Live-Selling needs.
Pick the one that suits you best


I want a full stack e-commerce and live selling platform

Includes website builder, mobile app, e-commerce catalog builder, shipping, inventory control, order management, POS, and more.

Choose this if you are a business making more than $5000 per month on your Brick & mortar business and would love to automate…

I want to add live selling to my existing e-commerce platform

Incorporate live video commerce into your existing platforms through a simple API without migrating inventory or data to get up and running fast.

Choose this if you are an existing ‘Shopify Business with more than $15,000 in monthly sales and want to get to $100,000/mo ASAP’

How CommentSold & Videeo Enable (Live & Offline) Video Commerce

We provide front-end and back-end technologies that allow you to either build a brand new video commerce business, complete with your own app, or use your existing e-commerce catalog to go live on your exisiting website and sell product on live-shows. You can also choose to live sell simultaneously on your social media channels just by checking a few boxes. Every show you do, keeps on selling 24/7 with recorded shoppable ‘replays’.

3 Easy Steps To Live Selling Success


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Our experts will evaluate your needs and walk you through our demos. We’ll create a launch plan tailored to your business.

Learn live selling tips & tricks from our experts

We’ll share the secrets that have helped Videeo merchants generate over $3B in GMV with training in under a week.

Sell with interactive video commerce

Sell live to interact with your customers and create hours of shoppable videos so you can sell 24/7 with no extra overhead.

Our Products Are the Leaders in
Live Selling Technology


Transacted GMV


active merchants


items sold

"Live commerce offers retailers, brands, and digital platforms a new channel with enormous scope for creating value."
McKinsey & Company

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