Save upto $3000 on SaaS fees

Our 25% off sale on Videeo for Shopify is On Now!
Save upto $3000 on SaaS fees

Our 25% off sale on Videeo for Shopify is On Now!

Everything You Need for Live Selling Success on Shopify

Engage your audience and create a true community of followers with the right blend of entertainment and deals to explode 💥 sales!

For a live selling show to truly thrive, you must focus on three critical components: the efficiency of the software you employ, the entertainment value and engagement level of the show, and the cadence of your engagement rhythm with your audience. Here are some valuable insights to help you craft and establish a successful show of your own:

The Software

The Software

Completely Integrated with Shopify

We sync with your Shopify account, your catalog and checkout, happens on your Shopify cart. No need to even create a separate account with us.

Go Live Everywhere At Once

Go live on your Shopify website, your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and your Mobile App, from one broadcast center. Get maximum eyeballs!

Use Multiple Streaming Sources & Hosts

Our category-defining technology allows you to use multiple cameras and show hosts/guests simultaneously streaming from anywhere in the world.

Complete Flexibility in Show Planning

Not only do we allow you to go live with a preset collection, but you can also bring in any other product on-the-fly by just scanning it into the show.

Recorded Replays Keep on Selling 24x7

Recorded Replays Keep on Selling 24x7 Every show is recorded and shoppable so your site becomes a library of live shopping entertainment that keeps on selling while you sleep!

Videeo™ is powered by CommentSold with Over 4,000 Live Retailers totalling $4.2B+ in Sales

The Show

Script Your Show

Get people engaged to get them buying. Interact with viewers, tease upcoming products, and give periodic checkout reminders.

Personality Matters

Live video hosts become personalities viewers get to know and love. Captivating hosts drive engagement and create more sales!

Entertain...Then Sell

Entertain your audience to draw them in before you start selling. The right show has the perfect mix of entertainment and product pitches.

Let Our Experts Help 🙂

Our strategists train your team on how to host live sales that build customer loyalty and showcase your brand.

The Show

The Cadence

The Cadence

Consistency Drives Success

Go live regularly, set your cadence where you stay top of mind. Occasional live shows and 'drops only' shows rarely become big!

Episodic Cadence is Key

Produce shows that ignite anticipation, making the audience eager for more. Drop hints into the upcoming offers/items keeping them engaged with imaginative suspense.

Build Hype Ahead of Time

It’s not just about going live and entertaining, to get the right amount of viewers you must create anticipation with strategic marketing campaigns and product drop teasers.

One Size Does Not Fit All

You need to be aware of your audience and engage with them on topics that are close to their hearts. Your community is only going to grow when there is a common thread beyond just buying from you.

Videeo for Shopify = GMV2


Live video commerce can be groundbreaking for any brand. However, like every new technology, the path to success takes thoughtful strategy and support.

E-commerce Playbooks Don’t Apply

Retailers trust the unique process and playbooks laid out by our team of live commerce experts and see up to an 8x increase in revenue for their Shopify stores.

The Videeo Formula

Add our category leading platform to your Shopify business to create the right show and cadence. Our formula equals success for our clients while others wonder…

Multiply Your Selling Potential, Get Started with Videeo Today

Engage your audience wherever they are with the right blend of entertainment and commerce to explode 💥 sales for your Shopify storefront!

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