How to Start an Online Store Without Inventory: A Dropshipping Guide

Modern e-commerce is no longer just for retailers who have inventory. Selling without inventory might seem like a dream, but dropshipping makes that dream a reality.

Dropshipping is transforming the way entrepreneurs do business, and it’s easy. You can explore the exciting world of online retail without taking any inventory risks and without the hassles of finding a warehouse and shipping fulfillment, which can help increase profit margins. In this guide, we walk you through the process of starting your own online store using the power of CommentSold Dropshipping and show you just how seamless and easy the experience is.

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Dropshipping: The Future of Online Retail

Imagine having a virtual storefront bursting with products, but you don’t have to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping anything. That’s the magic of dropshipping!

Dropshipping is a fulfillment method that enables retailers to offer a wide array of products without actually holding the physical inventory. Instead, you partner with third-party wholesalers or manufacturers who handle the product storage and shipping, while you focus on creating an exceptional offline and online shopping experience for your customers.

Why CommentSold Dropshipping?

CommentSold adds a personalized touch to your dropshipping experience. While you’re not holding the inventory physically, you have the power to infuse your brand voice, style, and personality into the dropshipping products you offer. From naming products to adding a special message to product descriptions, or promoting products however you see fit—you’re in control.

You can partner with nationally recognized brands through CommentSold Dropshipping to offer your shoppers new products. Just ask for a dropship allocation from a brand partner of your choice, and they’ll add product inventory to your account. CommentSold also allows you to sell live on multiple channels at once; Whether you’re dropshipping or selling your own inventory, you can sell on your social media channels like Instagram and Facebook, or on your branded website and mobile app.

Here’s why you should be considering CommentSold Dropshipping for your retail e-commerce business:

  1. Enjoy Higher Margins: CommentSold Dropshipping gives you competitive rates and margins typically unavailable to individual sellers, extending your market reach and profitability with each sold product.
  1. Test New Products Risk-Free: Diversify your product selection without any upfront costs or risks of underselling. Gauge customer responses to new items by ordering dropship products with samples. Test items and make informed decisions for future inventory procurement or continue with CommentSold Dropshipping for a hassle-free experience.
  1. Bypass Warehousing & Fulfilment: Say goodbye to the complexities of warehousing and fulfillment. Products are efficiently shipped directly from the brand partner’s warehouse to your customers’ doorsteps, allowing you to enjoy increased sales without the hassle of backend logistics.

Sampling Success: Dropshipping With Samples

You don’t have to trust dropship products blindly. CommentSold dropshipping allows you to order samples in any size, color, or other available options you want to try. Ordering dropshipping samples serves multiple purposes:

  1. Hands-On Assessment: With samples in hand, you can personally experience the items you’re about to offer. This tactile interaction helps you get to know the product—how it looks, how it fits, what it pairs well with—and it can help you determine the best ways to promote the product to your audience and sell it on its uniqueness.
  1. Customized Showcases for Engagement: Samples are your gateway to showcasing products in live sales and social media posts. Having a sample on hand means you can model it live and answer any questions your audience may have. You also control how it’s photographed for promotional material. You can choose the studio aesthetic that matches your brand, generating excitement and anticipation among your audience.
  1. Sell Products When You’re Ready: When you order a sample, the dropshipping product is automatically added to your CommentSold inventory. Once your samples arrive, you can kick off your allocation to begin selling the product!

Ordering a Product Sample: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Introducing new products to your inventory has never been this easy! Follow these three simple steps to order a product sample and enhance your offerings. Let’s dive into the process and watch your inventory expand with exciting options for your customers.

  1. Navigate the Dropship Catalog: Head to your Dropship Catalog in your CommentSold dashboard.
  1. Explore and View Products: Browse hundreds of products and select the ones you’d like to sell on your live sale or on your socials and website. View product details by hovering over a product image and selecting “View.”
  1. Order Your Sample: In the “Select Your Samples” section of the product details page, select the “+ Add Sample” button to add the product to your cart. If the product has variants like size or color, make sure you select the specific ones you want to have on hand.

Dropshipping Without Samples

Dropshipping without samples is handy if you want to sell a product similar to something you already know your customers love. You’re not starting from scratch; you’re building on what works. Even without samples, dropshipping lets you test the waters without diving all the way in since you can start with limited quantities. You can take multiple products on trial and see how they perform before committing to larger quantities.

Imagine that you saw some trendy candles or throw pillows you want to sell, but you’re unsure if your followers will like them. With dropshipping, you can add them to your store and see how your customers respond to the product before adding more.

Or, let’s say you’re planning a special collection, like a stunning wedding guest look. You want everything to match perfectly—from clothes to accessories. With dropshipping, you can have each individual item and accessory pieces ready to go—jewelry, handbags, clothes, the whole deal. Then, you can feature the outfit on your live sale, website, or social post, see how it performs, and order more (or try other products) as per demand and popularity with little risk to your business. 

Selling During Your Allocation Window

When you’re ready to sell a dropship product, you’ll start your allocation window. This window lasts for one week and is your time to showcase the product, feature it in live sales, and let your customers experience the product’s magic.

  1. Risk-Free Testing: Allocation windows offer a risk-free testing ground for new products. You can gauge your customers’ responses, evaluate demand, and make informed decisions about expanding your offerings or renewing your allocation.
  1. No Unsold Inventory Worries: At the end of the allocation window, we’ll remove any unsold inventory units from your shop. No more clearance sales or fretting about leftover stock.

Embrace the Future of Retail with CommentSold Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a game-changer in an e-commerce retail world where convenience and customer experience are top priorities. With CommentSold by your side, you’re not just launching an online store—you’re starting your journey towards a retail revolution. Showcase products and make sales without the headache of inventory management or warehousing, and give your shoppers the latest trends with minimal risk to you.

Say goodbye to inventory worries and hello to a world of endless possibilities with CommentSold’s Dropshipping Program today!


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