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Why A Mobile App Is A Game Changer For Retailers

3 min read
woman smiling at mobile phone with yellow background

With people now spending on around 3 hours a day on their mobile devices, it is no surprise that more and more businesses are adopting their very own branded mobile app.

Just think of the engagement companies can get from taking up a small space in the device they practically live in! Simply put, how can your brand afford not to?!

A group of friends getting coffee and browsing their favorite boutique's app together.

Enforce brand recognition

Brand name awareness comes from persistent marketing that puts your company name in front of a target audience over and over again.

Want to burn your brand on their brain? Use a branded mobile mobile app. Customers that have downloaded it will see your boutique’s name and logo every time they look at their device.

Next time someone asks them where they got that cute top, they’ll be more likely to recall just who sold it to them. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, huh?

A chart showing revenue from different sources in multichannel retail

Diversify revenue & marketing

It’s really important to leverage your customers across multiple platforms to diversify revenue.


1. Each platform has different buyer demographics. You want to get the most sales possible. This will help you set yourself up for a backup plan.

2. Outside factors can change at a moment’s notice.

For example, when the 2018 Facebook algorithm change occurred, it greatly reduced how often businesses showed up on a customer’s newsfeed.

Now, there is no doubt that social media is an effective marketing tool. However, you should never put all your eggs in one basket.

Adding an app to your arsenal is a powerful way to circumvent unpredictable changes or outages on other platforms.

Close up of woman shopping on her mobile device with a cup of coffee.

Provide distraction-free shopping

There’s a constant bid for your attention wherever you go on the internet. You’re bombarded by advertisements from other competitors, videos that now run on autoplay, and everyday social interactions. There’s a lot of noise out there.

Your long term goal should be to protect your reach into your loyal fanbase by migrating them to your mobile app instead of purchasing groups. This will cut out all the extra noise and provides you with their undivided attention. And it doesn’t end there!

Network of people connected to a single brand.

Keep customers connected

If you’ve already implemented social selling techniques, you already understand the power of connecting with your fan base. Imagine reaching them on a whole other level.

What if instead of waiting for an email announcement or a Facebook notification, you bypass their inbox and Facebook notifications?

What if you reached out directly to the customer with a unique message that pops up whenever you need to communicate with them? Push notifications do exactly this.

App users typically opt in for push notifications 52% of the time. This is good news for you, because eCommerce sees an enormous 278% lift in engagement when push notifications are enabled.

This is the mac daddy of mobile stats! The resulting engagement means that you will have more traffic to your business, a better retention rate, and more sales!

The Takeaway

There’s many avenues to success in the world of eCommerce. App ownership is one that can push you to the very top.

Mobile apps bolster your brand’s visibility, boost sales, diversify your marketing, as well as, greatly improve customer engagement. They are one of today’s greatest marketing tools.

Ask yourself if your business is ready to add one of the most powerful marketing tools of this day and age. Are you in?

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