How to Turn Your Social Following Into Raving Brand Fanatics | Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, Ciera joined us to share her expert knowledge on the importance of brand management.

Ciera Elledge has spent the last decade dedicated to sales and building a personal brand and following for monetization. She’s here again today to share some ways to turn today’s customers into lifelong fans.

Q: Ciera, what’s the #1 way to show up and connect with customers in their everyday lives?

A: Social media! These days, more people look for you on Instagram and Facebook than Google you. Have a very active social media presence, and you will become part of your customers day-to-day lives.

I can’t tell you how many people say they feel like they “know” me from Facebook. The same thing goes for your other customers. People use social shopping to make new friends. Maybe Sarah and Elizabeth will notice they have similar styles and strike up a friendship. Now not only are they buying into your brand, but they are bonded over it.

Woman in her bedroom, smiling and talking to the camera that is broadcasting her Facebook Live.

Q: What are some ways to not just make a sale, but create genuine excitement and a love for your brand?

A: Build relationships! Responding to comments in a way that lets your personality shine through.

Do you usually use emojis? Don’t hold back the emoji’s just because you’re a professional business.

Go live! People want to pick up on what makes you unique and different, so use those quirks in your live video content. Also, your Facebook group, Instagram, or TikTok followers are a great place to let your hair down. Here’s where you can share that funny meme that made you laugh, a story about a hilarious thing your kid said, and use engagement posts to get to know your shoppers on a deeper level.

A screenshot of a woman advocating for her favorite boutique on Instagram with UGC.

Q: Can you touch on social validation and the role it plays in brand advocacy?

A: You can say your brand or business is great all day long, but nothing holds power like someone else advocating for you.

When your customers are out sharing your brand with other people, that is much more powerful than anything you say about it yourself. Someone snapping a selfie in their new shirt or raving about your awesome customer service and fast shipping will get lots of attention.

Q: Now that you’ve captured that excitement for your brand, what’s the next step? How do you encourage those fans to bring others into the fold?

A: This is a great opportunity to reward people who do these things for you. Ask them to use your brand-specific community hashtag on Instagram so that you can find their posts easier to say thank you. Send special gifts to people who take the time to advocate for your brand. Rewarding people for adding new friends who love to shop to your Facebook group is another way to grow loyalty and your customer base.


Q: Outside of social media, what are some other ways to turn today’s customers into lifelong fans?

A: Show up in their inbox! Use CommentSold’s Marketing Automation features to send them thank you notes for shopping with you for the first time. That really goes a long way.

Get face-to-face with your customers, whether through a shopping event or just throwing a special holiday party. But above all, be you and be a good person. Customers who fall in love with you are in it for the long haul.

The Takeaway

Ciera knows her stuff! Using social media as a brand platform is a smart way to reach the masses with your unique voice, cultivate genuine relationships, and build a community around your brand. All of these strategies keep you very real, relevant, and memorable to your customers, which is key to growing loyalty past their very first purchase.


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