7 Tips for Creating Quality Live Video Content on Your Smartphone

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Video content is the key to making sales and staying relevant in the modern retail world. Shoppable video content has quickly become essential for retailers looking to level up their businesses and increase their sales. Live video sales are shaping the future of e-commerce. If you haven’t seen the power of a shoppable live video sale, we’ll let the numbers do the talking:

86% of retailers
currently use live streaming as a sales or marketing channel.

93% of brands
locked in a new customer because of a video they shared on social media.

67% of live viewers
became repeat purchasers.

The popularity of live video paired with the ease of live shopping has created a tremendous opportunity for retailers across industries. Creating high-quality live video sales may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With a few best practices and helpful tricks, you can create professional shoppable videos straight from your smartphone. 

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1. Choose an appropriate location for filming

Quality live video sales don’t entirely depend on the technology you use to film. They also require a quiet and clean location. If your set is noisy or cluttered, your customers are going to be distracted.

Instead, choose an area you know you will be able to film uninterrupted. Then choose a simple backdrop or an orderly area to host your sale. To take your videos to the next level, try branding your background!

2. Use sufficient lighting

Even the best cameras in the world can’t film quality video without proper lighting. You’ll need as much control over your light source as possible. For best results, we recommend a ring light for this purpose. If you need a quick fix, try shooting your video while facing an open window. 

3. Stabilize your camera with a tripod

Using a tripod will greatly increase the quality of your live video sales. A tripod will help you keep your camera in place to stabilize your image, creating professional quality content.

Once you’ve set up your tripod, fix the mount to facilitate vertical filming. With 40% of shoppers making purchases weekly via their smartphones, optimizing the mobile viewing experience with vertical video is critical. Set the camera up just below eye level for filming to create the most natural look.

4. Check your internet connection

The two most common interruptions of live sales are dying devices and slow internet. An all-in-one ethernet and power adapter will solve both of these problems. This particular model is compatible with iOS devices and supports data transmission at 10/100Mbps.

5. Clean your camera lens

It’s all too easy to overlook this and wonder why your video looks blurry. We tend to forget how often we touch our phones. Keep some alcohol wipes on hand to clean your camera lens of oil and debris before your broadcast. This will ensure a crystal clear video experience for your shoppers.

6. Turn on airplane mode

To prevent any disruptions during your live video, turn Airplane mode on. Switching to Airplane mode will prevent calls and texts while filming. This will keep your distractions and interruptions to a minimum.

Turning on Airplane Mode is easy. Here are instructions on how to switch to this mode on your iOS or Android phone.

7. Perform a dry run

Do a dry run to work out any kinks you may encounter before starting your live video sale.

Be sure to test all your equipment and get an overview of what your customers will be seeing before you go live. Play your test run back to be sure that you’re happy with the shot and that the audio is working as planned.  If you’re worried about being in front of the camera, this is an excellent way to overcome your fear of live sales.

The Takeaway

Producing quality live video sales doesn’t have to be complicated. Smartphones are already equipped with all the essentials for it.

Adding to your production routine and grabbing a couple of accessories can really add a polished look to your live video sales. With these tips, you can sell like a pro and ensure high-quality video content.

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