8 Tips for Shooting Spectacular Live Video on Your Smartphone

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Many people think that you need a special camera for high-quality, professional live videos. What they don’t realize is that they most likely already have one right inside of their pockets!

Smartphones these days have exceptional video capabilities. Take advantage of this convenient technology to capture professional live videos with the help of these tips.

This boutique owner is filming her live sale in a well lit, clean, and quiet room.

1. Choose an appropriate location for filming

Quality live videos don’t entirely depend on the technology you use to film. It also requires a quiet and clean location. If your set is noisy or cluttered, your customers are going to be distracted.

Instead, choose an area you know you will be able to film uninterrupted. Then choose a simple backdrop or an orderly area to work your sale.

Ring lights like this one are a popular lighting option for Facebook Live Sales

2. Use sufficient lighting

Even the best cameras in the world can’t film quality video without the use of good lighting. You want the most control over your light source as possible. We recommend a lighting kit or ring light for this purpose.

A tripod holds a smartphone in position for a Facebook Live Sale.

3. Position & stabilize your camera with a tripod

The camera should be just below eye level once you’re in position to be filmed. A tripod will help you keep your camera in place and stabilize your image.

Once you’ve set up your tripod, you will want to fix the mount to facilitate vertical filming. Mobile content consumption is at an all-time high. Live sales should be filmed in or portrait mode, so that your live video is optimized for mobile views.


4. Don’t use digital zoom

As tempting as it may be, do not use digital zoom. Digital zoom can pixelate your video. When you’re setting up for your live video, lay out where all your equipment will sit. You want to keep your camera at a comfortable range where it’s close enough for viewers to see you and your products without having to zoom in.
Woman holds up a paper with a wifi signal on it.

5. Check your internet connection

Your video and audio quality will only be as good as your internet connection. Currently, all Facebook Live videos will always stream in 360p. However, they will upload in HD once ended.

We recommend at least 5 Mbps of upload speed to ensure your video uploads in HD after broadcast.

This Apple iPhone has the perfect camera for live sales on Facebook.

6. Clean your camera lens

It’s all too easy to overlook this and wonder why your video looks blurry. We tend to forget how often we touch our phones. Keep some alcohol wipes on hand to wipe your camera lens of oil and debris before your broadcast.


7. Switch on airplane mode

Don’t let an incoming call disconnect you in the middle of your live video. Switching to Airplane mode will prevent calls and disruptions while filming.

Switching to Airplane Mode is easy. Here are instructions on how to switch to this mode on your iOS or Android phone.

dry run

8. Perform a dry run

If you set the privacy of your post to “Only Me” and do a dry run, you can work out any kinks you may encounter before starting your live.

Here you can feel free to test all your equipment and get an overview of what your customers will be seeing. Play it back to be sure that you’re happy with the shot and that the audio is working as planned.  If you’re worried about being in front of the camera, this is an excellent way to overcome your fear of live sales.

The Takeaway

Producing quality live video doesn’t have to be complicated. Smartphones are already equipped with all the essentials for it.

Adding to your production routine and grabbing a couple of accessories can really bring that polished touch, though. With these tips, you can sell like a pro with noticeably better quality. Happy selling!


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