Hot Tips to Work The Crowd While Conducting Live Sales

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Step right up! Step right up! Today we’re going to talk about one of the most essential aspects of Live Sales- showmanship.

It’s no secret that showmanship can win you sales. It grabs the prospect and demands their attention. Let’s discuss some ways to add some sizzle to your Live Sales with showmanship, and how it can skyrocket your engagement!

Woman greeting her online audience on her live broadcast


1. Get personal

With mass audiences tuning into Lives, it begs the question, how do you deliver a personalized experience to all of them? 

Use your customers’ names.

Simple, right? So simple that it can be easily overlooked. Greet your customers when they get on, answer their questions, or thank them for their purchase, but always use their name when doing so.

Live Sales are all about humanizing brands. What’s more humanizing than giving another person recognition using their name?

Woman selling a yellow dress on Facebook Live

2. Sell a feeling

Despite making a logical appeal to why your customers should buy an outfit, customers will still buy out of emotions every time. While facts can help prove the value of a product, it’s the emotion that sells products.

Ask your audience to imagine how owning the item will improve their life. What is the feeling that this clothing will give them?

Will they feel stylish? Does it make them look slimmer and feel more confident? Is it a low maintenance garment so they can spend less time laundering and more time with family? Does it make them look forward to an event where they can show it off? I mean, can’t you just imagine wearing that beautiful sundress to the beach, the breeze in your hair, coconut in hand?

Customers aren’t buying an item just because it’s their size. There’s something about the feeling associated with owning that clothing. A little imagination goes a long way.

Woman modeling an outfit on Facebook Live

3. Illustrate value

Emotions go a long way in helping lift your sales, but you also need to provide some value to keep your audience engaged. You can add value to your Live video by providing helpful information to your viewers based on their intent. In the case of Live Sales, your audience is there to shop. Now add value relative to that intent.

Are you demoing your outfits on a model so they can see the fit? Are you providing measurements? Do you talk about styling tips? What about pairing your products together to create a complete look? Are you addressing your audience’s questions? All of these things are easy ways to demonstrate value to your customers.


4. Get your game on

Your Live doesn’t have to be all about selling. It should have a healthy mix of different content to keep your customers glued to their screens. This is where you can jazz up your live video with games and contests . How does this work?

Brands that use this method typically announce the opportunity to win store credits or merchandise at the beginning of the Live. You can encourage them to stay tuned until the end for a big prize, or you can run a few little contests throughout.

Here are the actions you should encourage.

  • Commenting
  • Liking
  • Sharing
  • Opting in to receive Live Sale announcements via Facebook Messenger 
  • Opting in to receive SMS text messages from your business
  • Downloading your app and sending a screenshot as proof

Follow up with these rewards:

  • Store Credit/Gift Cards
  • Stock: Garment/Jewelry/Shoes
  • Other trends: Starbucks gift cards, makeup sets, brand name bags, etc.

Here are some games we often see in Lives

  • Trivia – Ask your audience some trivia questions. Whoever comments first with the correct answer wins!
  • Polls – Quiz your customers about what trends they’d like to see more of in your shop. Pick names from the customers that answered.
  • Spin the Wheel – Ask your audience to like, comment, and share your video. Pick a name and spin the wheel to reward them.
  • Raffles – Ask your audience to comment a phrase. Pick a winner for a prize at the end. This keeps them tuned in for the duration of your broadcast.

5. Use tech to free up your focus

It can be a real handful to read comments, juggle inventory, and entertain your audience all at the same time. Fussing and fumbling with little details is the last thing you need when you’re trying to work the crowd. That’s where CommentSold can come in handy!

Display easy instructions on how to purchase

CommentSold's Overlay displays purchasing instructions for a Facebook Live video.
The CommentSold Overlay shows purchasing instructions on the top of this video.

It may not always be obvious to first-time customers how to purchase through a live video. With a dedicated overlay on your video, you can show customers exactly how to comment to buy goods.

Technology can also help you automate replies that help customers comment correctly. Auto-reply features can tell customers where to register, if they’ve commented incorrectly, when an item is carted, and when they are added to a waitlist. These features dramatically cut down the time it takes for the host to explain and correct the purchasing processes.

Create quick & effortless product selections

CommentSold's Dynamic Live feature allows retailers to add product to their Live Sale with the help of a scanner

Watch as products populate as she scans the items

It can be intimidating creating a manual product selection for your sale. You want to make certain your best sellers and new arrivals are all accounted for before you’re live on air. Not only that, but you’ll want your inventory to be in that particular order so you can skip the chaos of handling inventory when you should be focusing on selling.

This is the where retailers can use dynamic live to help them.

Dynamic Live is a software feature that allows you to scan in items as you sell them. Not only does this allow you flexibility when presenting your inventory, it saves a great deal of time.

Use a talent view for informed selling

CommentSold's Talent View feature helps retailers get an at a glance view of their sales
CommentSold’s Talent View gives you a full at-a-glance overview

Get an overview of your livestream, your audience numbers, product selections, revenue, and the status of real-time comments all in one place.

With an overview at your fingertips, you can focus on working the crowd to the best of your abilities. Here you can see if inventory is about to sell out, view new customers, see all comments from your group OR your business page. Needless to say, it’s an essential for a professional Live Sale set up.

The Takeaway

As you can see, there’s quite a lot you can do to drum up engagement and raise your revenue on Live Sales. Make these tactics your own by adding your unique brand personality to them. Now get out there, get creative, have fun, and spice up those live sales!

Want more pro tips for live selling? Download our Complete Guide to Live Sales!

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