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3 Ways Facebook Chatbots Are Winning Boutiques More Sales

3 min read

Today many boutiques are using Facebook as a powerful addition to their arsenal of selling channels. With 1.62 billion daily users, the social platform is brimming with opportunities to meet more customers, engage more, and drive sales.

However, it’s a wonder how they’re keeping up with the work involved. After hosting a Facebook live sale or posting photos of new arrivals, there’s bound to be customer inquiries to answer and invoices to send.

How are these successful boutiques getting a return on investment?

They’re using Facebook chatbots.

Facebook chatbots are an automated messaging system that uses artificial intelligence to assist with mass marketing, facilitate ecommerce transactions, and deliver better customer service. They can work directly through the Facebook Messenger platform or as an auto-reply to comments.

Whether you sell on your Facebook page or group, there are many ways to use Facebook chat bots to increase sales and engagement on social media. Here are just a few of the significant benefits.

Woman holding a credit card while she makes an online purchase with her favorite Facebook boutique.

1. Increase Customer Spending

Did you know that you can sell products on Facebook without having to send customers to a website? Bots provide frictionless checkout right on Facebook. That means you don’t need to send your customers to your site to navigate a click maze.

Once you connect your inventory to a social post, Facebook bots can start facilitating transactions through the comments section. Artificial intelligence can pick up on trigger words, like “Sold,” from comments to cart items, and send an automatic invoice. Your customers will instantly get order details, totals, and an easy way to check out.

Automatic invoices have proven to shorten the time it takes to check out because they prompt your customers to pay at the peak of their excitement. Instead of dragging their feet or forgetting to check out, they can instantly check out.

Even with the best technology, cart abandonment is still something every business has to consider. Chatbots can win back sales from forgotten carts by sending cart reminders on your behalf.

In the case that that customer no longer wants to pay for an item in their cart, it can go to the next person on the waitlist. And, no surprise, chatbots can help you there as well. Once an item becomes available to a customer on the waitlist, they can get an instant message notifying them that they can purchase it.

Smiling woman holding phone as she gets a Messenger notification for a purchase she made through Facebook.

2. Provide a Better Customer Experience

According to Clutch, 76% of people expect companies to respond to comments on social media. What’s more, 83% expect this response within a 24 hours or less. Chatbots act as round the clock virtual assistants to shoppers so that they can get help without the wait.

If someone wants to purchase an item on a post, artificial intelligence can notice when they’ve commented in the wrong format or with incorrect spelling. When this happens, customers can get a response that instructs them to comment correctly, so they know how to trigger an automatic invoice.

When an item sells out, and a customer is trying to purchase it, chatbots will let them know that they are placed on the waitlist for the next time its restocked. These messages can also encourage customers to authorize their credit card for an automatic purchase at the next available restock.

Once someone successfully creates an order, bots can let customers know where their order stands at every step of the way. Let customers know you’ve received their order, if shipped, or if it’s ready for local pick up. Mostly, chatbots make the whole transaction frictionless from beginning to end.

Smiling boutique owner holding an ipad while standing in her brick and mortar store.

3. Grow While Saving Time & Money

Between customer comments, inquiries, and invoice requests, boutique owners have their work cut out for them. Typically, those that use chatbots can gain back 40+ hours a week spent answering simple customer inquiries and handling manual invoices.

The advantages don’t stop at customer service. Retailers also use Facebook Messenger bots for mass communication of announcements, promos, and Facebook live sale reminders.

While technology can’t do it all for business owners, it can majorly reduce their workload. With the help of chatbots, retailers can now get their time back to focus on growing instead of struggling to keep up with business as usual on social media.

The Takeaway

Facebook chatbots are quickly becoming an essential role in social media marketing and sales. If you’re looking to capture social media sales, and deliver better customer experiences, it might be time to use chatbots to help you deliver on those goals.

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