3(+3 Additional) Comment Selling Strategies That Drive Growth (Updated 2023)

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Every day, we hear about newer, better technology that will transform how social retailers do business. Chatbots, auto-invoicing systems, and inventory management systems all promise improved customer service, more productivity, increased revenue, and increased growth, among other benefits.

Many of these technologies fail to deliver on their promises. To attain true productivity, retailers must distribute their time and resources across multiple systems. CommentSold live selling platform has social sellers covered when it comes to getting everything done simplistically. Here’s how technology can help you with these 6 comment selling techniques.

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  1. Make It Easy to Purchase Through Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok
  2. Engagement: Make Your Selling Presence Known
  3. Use Captivating Content and Host Live Sales Events
  4. Get Your Life Back with Automation (Bonus Tip 1)
  5. Offer Shoppers Exclusive Deals and Incentives (Bonus Tip 2)
  6. Leverage Social Proof & Community Engagement (Bonus Tip 3)

1) Make It Easy to Purchase Through Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok

You may sell on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, which have billions of daily users, to get more eyes on your products in a matter of seconds. Today, shops encourage customers to shop by immediately commenting on feeds, posts, videos, and during livestream selling events. Customers enjoy engagement and become loyal to those who make the purchase process simple.

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2) Engagement: Make Your Selling Presence Known

Comment transactions also show increased engagement that shoots your posts to the top of social newsfeeds. With that visibility also brings influence. 92% of people stated that while making a purchase they are influenced by their peers. One comment can quickly grow to many as social influence takes hold!

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3) Use Captivating Content and Host Live Sales Events

Create eye-catching posts and host live sales events on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.
Showcase your products in an engaging manner, provide detailed information, and use a sense of urgency (FOMO) to encourage viewers to comment and make purchases. Live events have the potential to generate enthusiasm, provide interactions opportunities, and solicit quick response from prospective clients.

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4) Get your life back with Automation

How much time could you save if you didn’t have to manually invoice customers, track down payments, and correct the inevitable human error that comes with social selling?

By automatically producing an invoice once a customer comments “sold,” auto-invoicing helps shops save time, avoid headaches, and save money. Emails, comment threads, and messages sent socially (like Facebook Messenger) are the three primary delivery methods for invoices. More sales, less abandoned carts, and faster payments can all be achieved with the help of auto-invoicing.

CommentSold customers have noted that by using auto-invoicing, they regain 3-4 hours every day of their time which they can focus more on growing their business while also bring balance to their live. They can put more of an emphasis on connecting with customers and spending time with their friends or family.

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5) Offer Exclusive Deals and Incentives:

Encourage participation and reward loyal customers by offering exclusive deals, discounts, or limited time offers only available through comment selling.
Incentives could include free shipping, bundle deals, or bonus items with purchase. These offers can create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, motivating customers to comment and make purchases.

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6) Leverage Social Proof and Community Engagement:

This can instill a sense of trust and reliability in potential customers, as they will be able to see the wonderful experiences that have been had by others. You can also foster a feeling of community by engaging with users’ comments and questions, providing thoughtful responses, and expressing gratitude for the support of your business.

This will inspire more individuals to engage in your comment selling activities and develop a positive image of your brand.

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The Takeaway

In short, social sellers can use CommentSold to combine auto-invoicing, point of sale, loyalty rewards, and inventory management. It makes good on its promise to not only revolutionize the way that retailers do business, but it also increases the quality of life for those who use it.

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