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Tips and Tricks to Boost Engagement on Your Live Sale

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With the ever-increasing amount of content online, it can be tough to stand out in the crowd, or in most cases, the newsfeed. Keeping potential customers excited and engaged is the key to have them coming back for more. There are several ways to pique their interests, but gamification has become the most popular. We’re sharing a breakdown of game and contest elements that will help you brainstorm the perfect addition to treat customers and increase engagement in your next live sale.

Share Games

Encourage your audience to “share” your live video to their Facebook feeds. In exchange for their share, you can offer them a discount on their purchase, free shipping, or a freebie with their order. This share allows your live to reach more people while also involving your current audience.

Timed Games

Create hype around your live sale by adding a timed element to your approach. You can give discounts to the first customers who join the live, add gifts with purchase for the first sales or share exciting announcements within the first few minutes of the video to encourage customers to join in on time.

Stick Around Contests

Encourage viewers to stay on until the live is over by saving an announcement or drawing for the end of the live. When viewers have FOMO, they’re more likely to remain on the live. You could do a drawing for a discount, accessory, free shipping, you name it! The only catch? The viewer must be on the live at the end to claim the reward!

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Purchasing Rewards

You can increase the likelihood of return customers by offering future discounts for shoppers who purchase during the live sale. As orders come in you can say things to build interest like, “Ashley! Thanks for your order. You just scored 15% off your next purchase!”

Comment Games

Boost the engagement on your live video by incorporating comment-based games and incentives. Pose personal questions to your viewers to get to know them like “where are you tuning in from?” and “what are you shopping for tonight?” This invitation to comment creates a sense of connection between the shop and the customer.

Photo Challenges

If your following seems to be pretty tuned in, your shop might be ready for a photo challenge. Ask viewers to snap a picture of where they’re watching from, tag your shop and share it to social media during the live. This sense of community will help nurture real relationships and create return customers all while reaching new audiences. You can offer prizes and discounts for participation.

Trivia Games

Spice up your live stream with trivia questions throughout the sale. Announce the trivia topic on social media before going live to encourage viewers to hop on, answer questions and win prizes as the event unfolds. Games could be based around the history of your shop, a timely Netflix show, pop culture, or anything your heart desires. Lighten the mood with fun trivia that is relevant for your brand and your customers.

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Viewer Count Contests

Get your viewers involved by asking them to share your live sale and invite friends. Create an incentive for them by offering exciting deals if the live sale hits a certain number of viewers.

Tips and Tricks

When your contest is live, be sure to refresh your Facebook Page cover images, pin a post about your contest, and update your active links. This will alert your followers that you’re live and give them the chance to hop on and shop!

As a heads up, Facebook periodically updates their rules and guidelines. Be sure you are privy to any changes for promotions before running your Facebook games and contests.

Learn how to gamify your live with even more tips and tricks from the CommentSold fam. If you’re new to live sales, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to be successful. You’ve got this!

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