How to Bring Your In-store Experience Online with Live Video

Today’s competitive retail scene has less to do with price or product selection and everything to do with making your in-store experience an innovative online experience. The fact is, millions of shoppers around the world are turning to online live sales. With live video, hosts, social influencers, and even store owners can bring customers an interactive retail experience that parallels those found in brick-and-mortar storefronts. Video selling is reimagining stores for retail’s next normal and can set you apart.

Retailers are hailing this “new engine” of e-commerce for enabling real-time interaction between consumers and key influencers. By improving online shopping experiences with live video, businesses deliver an immersive online experience that blends your online shopping with entertainment while humanizing your brand. (No storefront required.)

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With live video, hosts build customer relationships at scale using a “one to many” approach and interact with shoppers just as a store associate would on the sales floor. Here are a few topics your host can cover to bring your in-store experience online: 

1: Demonstrate and describe products

One of the biggest roadblocks to online sales is the fact that shoppers can’t physically touch and see your product for themselves. However, with live video you can give viewers all the information they need to make a purchase decision. Talk about the quality of your products, what it’s made of, how it feels, how it will improve their life. Selling clothes? Tell your viewers about the material, show them stretch or intricate details of the fabric, and demonstrate the fit. Selling home decor? Review the dimensions, talk about the texture, and show them what it looks like with other products you would find in the same room.

2: Offer advice

Now that viewers have a good understanding of the product, paint a picture of how they can use it! Discuss the style and where or when it can be used. This is your chance to seal the deal – just like in-store. Cater to your audience by explaining needs they would likely have to fill. For example, if you know most of your shoppers are busy moms, you could talk about how hip and trendy your new joggers are. But if you really want to sell it, talk about how comfortable and versatile they are. Tell them they can wear it to bed or to the grocery store without a second thought.

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3: Provide pairing suggestions

Secure the upsell with product pairing. Curate your products featured in the live sale much like you would in a physical storefront: with like items together. Get them hooked on a show stopper product then follow suit with items that are similar or complimentary to get the most out of your sales.

4: Review current promotions

Sales representatives working the floor often review promotions and sales as soon as a shopper walks-in. You can do the same on a live video sale! Since viewers often come and go, talk about your deals at multiple times throughout the video to educate any newcomers and remind others.

5: Answer shopper questions

Good customer service is incredibly important and often isn’t translated well to online. But with live video, you can interact with shoppers in real-time. Customers can ask questions via comments and hosts can respond directly to those questions on-air. This provides validation that’s hard to beat, even in a brick and mortar. Build trust and customer loyalty by acknowledging shoppers’ individual questions in front of all your other viewers – make them feel special, start a conversation, and show them how much they matter.

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The Takeaway

Live video sales are reshaping e-commerce. And as consumers are moving more and more towards online shopping, finding a way to offer that same experience found in physical storefronts has become more important than ever. Creating a virtual shopping experience with live video that immerses your customers in your brand and offers real-time interactions will help you tap into changing buyer behavior and pay dividends now and into the future.

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