How Wholesalers Use CommentSold to Sell to Retailers in Facebook Groups

Meeting your target market and engaging with them on a personal level is difficult to do when tradeshows aren’t on the calendar and showrooms are shuttered. What then? Cold calls and password-protected websites are not enough to grow a wholesale business these days.

Wholesalers need to be resourceful to reach new customers, increase sales, and improve their customer loyalty.  Savvy wholesale companies are shifting their business strategy to include Facebook groups to connect with and sell directly to retailers.

CommentSold, a social selling software, makes it simple for them to bulk-sell and provide their customers with a smooth shopping experience directly within the newsfeed. When connected to a Facebook group, it turns your posts into immersive, shoppable media. Your customers can then comment to purchase items showcased in static images posts, pre-recorded video, and Facebook Live broadcasts.

Here’s how your wholesale business can use CommentSold to sell in one of the most influential and engaging ways possible.

Automatically Capture Orders & Provide Frictionless Shopping

How does this work? Vendors create a shoppable post with CommentSold. Then they instruct their customers to claim a case pack or unit by commenting “sold” along with an identifying word or number. In only a few keystrokes, buyers can quickly claim items.

Inspire Boutique's wholesale group sells through a striped tees through a static image post.

Immediately after commenting, the customer receives an automated comment reply or Messenger response that will send them a link to an automated invoice. Within this link, customers can quickly check out whenever they’re ready.

This method of selling, known as comment selling, ignites customer engagement, provides social proof, and heightens your organic reach on Facebook. Those who are most successful with this method train their customers on how to use the system for mainstream adoption.

The CommentSold's product tab shows all inventory and where it is posted between your Facebook page, group, and mobile app.

Manage Inventory & Orders

While comment selling is one of the most compelling ways to sell, it wouldn’t be useful without a way to connect inventory and manage orders. CommentSold considers unique complexities involved with wholesale orders without the risk of overselling.

Whether you are selling various goods in units or using split or whole packs to sell apparel, you get to choose how to sell in the quantities you desire. The software will also assist with selling sold-out items and managing pre-orders with waitlists.

When it comes to processing those orders, CommentSold can help with that too. The software provides end to end order visibility, as well as the ability to bulk print packing lists and shipping labels, and customize fulfillment to fit your needs. Combine orders for more cost-effect shipping or use partial fulfillment to exempt pre-ordered items from a ready-to-ship order to send them out separately.

Alternatively, you can bulk-print packing slips so you can have your warehouse team use your preferred fulfillment methods. There’s also the ability to generate .csv files for invoices and orders to import them into your ERP of choice.

Sell in Real-Time with Live Video Sales

Facebook Live sales are one of the most powerful selling tools retailers can use today. Now it’s possible for wholesalers to reap the benefits of them, too!

Much like selling at a booth at markets or tradeshows, live video sales allow you or sales reps to speak directly to customers to influence purchases. Likewise, customers can directly interact with you. The only exception is that you can do this with multiple buyers at once, without their physical presence.

Simply get the camera rolling to show off products and create excitement around them in a way that websites can’t! As you go through your product selection, CommentSold’s Live Overlay will display purchasing instructions at the top of the screen. Your customers can see how to comment to purchase the product on screen, along with the product image, price, and variants here.

While live video is a great medium for virtual sales, you and your staff must be prepared to address heightened customer engagement they provide. Often, interacting with customers can be overshadowed by the need to juggle sample products, direct assisting team members, and dig through the comment section to respond to everyone.

CommentSold's talent view shows a live sale product selection, comments, and Facebook Live stream preview.

CommentSold’s Talent View will help you stay organized while maximizing customer engagement. All incoming comments feed into this dashboard in real-time, keeping conversations, questions, and comment purchases in an organized feed for you and your staff. This way, you’ll never miss an opportunity to respond to conversations and help out customers.

The Takeaway

Business has always been rooted in a customer-centric approach, and social selling is one of the most natural ways wholesalers can achieve it. Facebook groups provide the means to interact with customers’ in their daily lives while also providing an engaging way to conduct sales.

By using CommentSold, you can focus on interacting with your customers while selling more. The software will do the heavy lifting by guiding your customers to check out, capturing orders, and facilitating payments. On the back end, it keeps you from overselling inventory and streamlines shipping and fulfillment.

Ready to take the first step today? Learn how to create a Facebook group for your business, or take a look at how CommentSold can help your wholesale business harness social selling.


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