Shopify Sync tab

Step 1: Get Ready

Open the Shopify Sync tab in your CommentSold account settings.
Enter your Shopify URL

Step 2: Connect

Enter your Shopify shop name and click “Connect Shopify.”
Sync your Shopify inventory to CommentSold

Step 3: Sync

After being redirected to Shopify, enter your login info & begin sync.

Add social sales to your eCommerce

Sell instantly to customers through their social newsfeeds.

Convert comments to sales
An example social post selling a purse with multiple comments and a Facebook Messenger message with a link to check out
calendar icon
Schedule posts to Facebook & Instagram to earn money, even while you sleep
Messenger icon
Instantly turn comments to sales with 100% automated invoicing
Video icon
Sell on live or pre-recorded videos and image posts on social media
Host live Flash Sales
Woman conducting a Live Sale with the CommentSold overlay and example comments with tags as seen from the CommentSold Talent View
Shopping channel icon
Sell through your brand’s own personal shopping channel
Gear icon
Display easy purchasing instructions at the top of your videos
Talent View icon
Cultivate superfans with personalized, live shopping experiences
Keep inventory synced
Boots surrounded by icons for Shopify, Instagram, website, CommentSold, Facebook, and mobile app
icon - sync 40
Inventory stays up-to-date in real-time on both platforms
icon - expand 40
Enter inventory once and use multiple sophisticated selling channels

“CommentSold gave me the ability to manage a website and comment selling without having to worry about manually adjusting my inventory in Shopify.”

Mandy Holker


Key features

Sell on Facebook

Sell on Facebook

Convert comments to sales with fully automated, real-time Comment Selling on Facebook.
Sell on Instagram

Sell on Instagram

Sell to shoppers instantly through comments or allow them to purchase through shoppable posts.
Inventory Management

Real-time Inventory

Keep inventory up-to-date in real-time with a single, centralized dashboard. Sell everywhere without overselling.
Sell on Facebook Live

HD Live Sales

Excite & delight your customers with Live Sales. CommentSold will broadcast your live in crystal clear HD video.
Conversational Auto Replies

Conversational Replies

Automatically reply with preset comments on threads, Messenger, or email to guide new shoppers to registration, confirm items carted, and more.
Make shopping a game


Make shopping with you a fun and addicting game that keeps customers coming back for more!

Ultimate Guide to Introducing Comment Shopping to Your Community

Download our in-depth, 16-page guide full of best practices on how to implement comment and Live selling.

An example of CommentSold's waitlist, a Facebook post selling shoes with a comment purchase, and tags showing fulfillment status

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