Festive Ideas for Strong Seasonal Branding

festive holiday ornaments

Branding for the holidays is just like decorating your home to show off your festive spirit. But instead of hanging up wreaths and putting out lights, you’re aligning your brand identity with the look and feel of the season. This simple tactic draws attention to your brand and demonstrates that you’re ready for the holidays. Let’s look at a few ways to get creative with seasonal branding efforts!

1. Tweak your graphics

Graphics are a critical part of showing up as a brand and showing off your store’s personality. Update your graphics with some Winter flare in a couple of ways.

Refresh your colors to match the feel of the most wonderful time of year! Graphics can reflect the warm hues of poinsettia, fiery hearths, and holly berries that stand among the emerald green of fir trees and wreaths.

That doesn’t mean you have to stick to traditional Christmas palettes, though. In fact, picking a winter palette can help you extend the life of your seasonal renovation well past Christmas time. Here’s some color inspiration from Design Seeds.

Pastel color pallet inspired by snowy treesIMAGE VIA: @JULIE_AUDET Color pallet inspired by a snowy road

Color pallet inspired by gift wrap

Logo changes are another way you can update your brand image. Adding winter and holiday colors to your logo or adding a simple and subtle touch of holiday imagery is a good way to accent it. There’s no reason to rebuild your logo from the ground up. It is very important to keep your logo recognizable, so only make subtle changes. Keep the same font, but give it a different feel.

ICON update

A simple snowflake indicates a seasonal change on this logo

While you’re refreshing colors and logos, don’t forget your banners! Banners show up on a few marketing platforms. These can be changed on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and websites. These are not just limited to Yuletide imagery. They also present an opportunity to contain seasonal messages, coupon codes, and advertisements for end-of-year sales.

This Ruff Digs’ Facebook banner alerts customers to a 25% off sale for all collars

2. Get festive with content and advertisements

Your messages, videos, posts, and advertisements can all be changed up to include some holiday cheer. Pick language to encourage customers to purchase from your store for gift giving. Promote flash sales for last-minute gift buyers, spruce up your backdrops to reflect a cozy feel, update your marketing emails with gift guides with picks from your inventory. You can even sip a cup of hot cocoa in your Santa hat while conducting live sales. Anything goes! Be creative and have fun capturing your audience’s attention!

Ask your audience which one they rather wear to the office Christmas party

3. Maintain brand consistency on all platforms

You’re probably marketing on multiple platforms. (If you’re aren’t, why not?) The look and feel you convey should be displayed on all advertising channels. Your customers and potential customers hang out all over the internet- Facebook, Instagram, websites, and mobile apps. Make sure your new holiday aesthetic matches up on these platforms as well. You want to maximize these attention grabbing tactics by creating consistency across all channels. Marketing emails, Facebook cover photos for business and group pages, website banners, and advertisements should all get the seasonal treatment.

The Takeaway

Not only is it a fun way to show your holiday spirit, a seasonal revamp can help you gain more brand attention. Signaling the start of the season with a refreshed images, messages, and advertisements keeps you top of mind for customers looking for the perfect gift for friends and family.


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