11 Important Skills & Traits to Look for in a Social Media Coordinator

Social media coordinators play a vital role in representing your brand, adding an extra layer of customer service, and building buzz for your products across social media. Without one, business owners risk getting bogged down by taking this task upon themselves.

If you’re thinking about hiring a team member to take care of this, you’ll need to know what to look for. Here are the 11 most essential skills and traits to look for in the perfect social media coordinator.

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1. Social Media Savvy

Social media coordinators represent your brand and its products to the public via social sites. It goes without saying that they need to be up-to-speed with changing updates, tools, rules, and algorithms to create an active social media strategy.

Furthermore, not all content translates well to the different social media platforms. Different social media platforms require different goals and content types. A social coordinator must be knowledgeable about the various platforms so that they can create relevant content and interactive media experiences that are appropriate for each.

A social media coordinator planning out content with a social media calendar

2. Strategic Planner

Social media coordinators need to be excellent strategic planners. They should work with business owners to outline goals, define target audiences, and know what platforms to use to help you scale your efforts. From there, they can create social media calendars to schedule out content, products, and promotions that align with your businesses’ other marketing efforts.

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3. Copywriter

With all the noise on social media, social media coordinators will need strong writing and editing skills to make the content they post stand out. Their job includes writing catchy copy that engages, and compelling product descriptions that sell. They should derive language, tone, and messaging unique to your target audience.

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4. Design Inclined

Social media coordinators know that strong messaging is important, but it doesn’t perform as well without visuals. That’s where their design and photo editing skills come in. With these skills, they can create polished on-brand visuals that stand out when your customers are scrolling through their feeds.

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5. Video Creator

Video is one of the most popular and impactful forms of content on the Internet. CommentSold has seen first hand the power of Facebook & Instagram stories, live videos, and fit videos. Social coordinators need to be prepared with skills to create and edit such video for the most views and engagement.

A social coordinator can help you to connect with all the many people that connect with your brand over social media

6. Community Engager

While posting on your behalf, social media coordinators will monitor and manage your brand’s social media channels. Expect them to interact with your audience, fostering conversations and building trust in your brand. In doing so, they get an insider’s look at what topics and trends your target audience is interested in. From there, they can create and publish content fueled by these insights.

Also, they can easily spot and utilize user-generated content. Social media coordinators can repost superfans’ photos and testimonies to your brand’s channel to show appreciation and spread their brand advocacy.


7. Customer Service Oriented

Social media is one of the very first channels people use to contact a business about inquiries and concerns. In addition, 85% of consumers on Facebook expect brands to respond in less than 6 hours. Social media coordinators must understand the urgency of answering customers in a swift and helpful manner.

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8. Creative Mindset

Creating and curating content requires a constant creative mindset. Social coordinators need to continuously update the social media idea bank with fresh concepts to fuel your audience’s interest and engagement. A creative mindset will give your social coordinator the ability to try new ideas and messaging that always keeps your audience on the edge of their seat.

A social coordinator studying metrics for content performance.

9. Metric Driven

While creative drive is vital to the social media coordinator role, it’s also crucial that their work be metric-driven. After analyzing content performance, they can put those insights to good use by optimizing future content. By continuously measuring results, they can see what’s working and continue those tactics, or see what’s performing poorly so they may go back to the drawing board.

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10. Technical Aptitude

Social media coordinators will most likely use a variety of tools to create and publish content. With technology constantly evolving and changing, they will have to keep a working knowledge of the latest technology trends and tools. In addition to this, they may also need to be know how to work your ecommerce platform. Doing so will help them to schedule new inventory on social media, as well as help your customer base to navigate purchasing options.

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11. Flexibility

As business owners know, scaling a business requires you to be as agile as possible. A social media coordinator’s job is not exempt from this. Marketing initiatives may change, new trends or tools may have to be implemented, changing algorithms may disrupt the norm, etc.

Their job is always in flux, and they have to change hats between content creation, customer service, and sales. Flexibility is a skill that all social media coordinators must possess.

The Takeaway

Finding the perfect person to represent your brand on social media is no easy task. However, a person that possesses these 11 vital skills and traits can create a lasting brand impression, connect with your audience, and help free up your time for other business initiatives by allowing them to take over product scheduling.


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