4 Ways to Create Fit Videos That Sell

Fit videos, also known as styling videos, are making a big splash in the boutique world. Customers are loving these short videos that demonstrate the look, feel, and fit of clothing without having to first purchase to find out themselves.

And with over half of consumers reporting higher engagement with the brands they watch on social media, boutiques online are seeing tangible benefits as well. Purchases are on the rise while returns are on the decline.

However, fit videos are an art. If you’re not familiar with your products, only model your outfits with one body type, or make your customers jump through hoops to purchase, then you’re going to miss out on their effectiveness.

Follow these tips to create winning fit videos that drive both sales and engagement!

Woman reaching for a shirt from a rack for her Facebook live sale inventory.

Arm Yourself with Product Knowledge

They say knowledge is power. In retail, it’s the power of selling.

Retailers need to be able to demonstrate the value of their products, but how can they do that effectively if they don’t know enough about them?

The answer is, they can’t!

Equipped with product knowledge, you will be ready to convince your shoppers exactly how valuable your items are.

Know where every button, zipper, and clasp is on every item you show off. It’s equally important to note the number of available sizes, colors, and dimensions of each.

Material, fit, and stretch are also important to customers, so don’t leave them off your list! The better you understand the product, the easier it will be to sell it!

Demonstrate Size Inclusivity

According to NPD Group’s Consumer Tracking Services, two-thirds of women consider themselves to be a special size defined as plus, petite, junior or tall.

Make women of all shapes and sizes feel more comfortable in their skin and in your clothing by using different sized models.

By doing so, you can inspire body confidence, demonstrate the value of your product, and reduce return rates.


Curate a Look

Boutique owners, it’s your time to shine! The biggest advantage you have over big box stores is that you can connect with and curate outfits for your following.

You don’t need to sell just one item. Pair a bag, shoes, and jewelry with your outfit to show off a full look.

Cross sell by painting a picture for your customers. What could you pair this with for a date night outfit? What about a casual look that’s in this season? The possibilities are endless!

Smart phone showing customers commenting on a fit video to comment purchase an outfit.

Create Shoppable Videos

If you’re not capitalizing on your shopper’s excitement right then and there, you are missing out on sales. Resist the urge to send them to your website. The impulse to buy can die out by the time they’ve had to click through several pages to make a purchase.

You don’t need to migrate your interested shoppers to a website. Instead, you capture their sales directly on social media posts, like fit videos.

All they have to do is comment “sold” directly on your video and with automation in place, that comment will be turned into an invoice they can pay on the spot. There’s no need for them to leave their newsfeeds.

The Takeaway

Fit videos’ popularity will continue to rise as it helps boutique owners display highly curated looks, help customers make informed purchasing decisions, and provides an easy way for shoppers to get their fix right on the newsfeed.

If you’re not incorporating fit videos, you need to get on the bandwagon, and for good reason. See for yourself how it increases your engagement, sales, and creates a connection with your followers.


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