Cash and Carry at Market: Insider Tips for Successful Shopping and More Sales

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Cash and Carry is a term used so frequently in the apparel industry that you’ve probably heard it before. If not, the name pretty much says it all.

Cash and Carry is a simple way for retailers to shop at the market that allows them to restock their shelves instantly. Certain wholesalers offer Cash and Carry, meaning you can (and must) take the products with you once you pay.

“Cash and carry is an opportunity for you to make money on the go! Pick up new pieces and sell them on location. This experience really allows boutique owners to benefit from the “market momentum” which customers love!”
Ali A., Account Strategist at CommentSold

Most Cash and Carry wholesalers are in the jewelry, accessories, and clothing categories, but home décor can be found as well. Some Cash and Carry wholesalers are permanent market fixtures, while others are temporary. Visit the market’s website to find out if Cash and Carry is available at the market you’re attending, as well as which retailers offer this type of inventory. We’ve rounded up the Best Markets to Attend in 2021 as a perfect starting point!

There are several perks to utilizing the Cash and Carry option at apparel markets

  1. Most wholesalers don’t require a minimum purchase amount.
  2. You can return home with new items.
  3. Typically wholesalers accept cash and cards, contrary to the Cash and Carry name.

While Cash and Carry can be hugely beneficial, there are a few factors to keep in mind before going all-in with this method:

  1. You must take products immediately, meaning you will have to carry them around market all day long.
  2. If you purchase larger items, like furniture or home décor, you’ll need to have transportation ready same-day.
  3. Lots of Cash and Carry items aren’t available for restock. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Here are a few tips to ensure you have the best Cash and Carry experience:

  • Bring a cart to transport your items. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to leave your cart at a secure designated area outside the store while you shop since space can be limited!
  • Be prepared with plenty of room in your vehicle for larger items and know where the loading docks are to retrieve big purchases.
  • Be ready with extra cash in the event that a particular vendor doesn’t accept cards.
  • Walk the market before purchasing any items to scout out the best Cash and Carry finds and strategize your purchases.
  • Pay attention to signs offering “sample sales” as these are typically Cash and Carry type of offerings for past season’s inventory and overstock.
  • Many markets have apps you can download to help you navigate the venue. You easily can plan out your Cash and Carry stops this way.
  • Capitalize on the energy at market by hosting a live sale on location! If you need ideas to engage your shoppers, we’ll send our Complete Guide to Live Sales straight to your inbox!

If you’re attending a market soon, be sure to check the CommentSold Events page to see if we will be there! We would love to meet you, talk shop, and learn more about your business.


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