Comparing Shopify Live Shopping Tools: CommentSold’s Videeo for Shopify vs. SoldLive

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Modern e-commerce is about engaging with customers in real-time, personalizing their experience, and making online shopping an event. No longer is it about displaying lists of products in the hopes of selling them.

And live selling is spearheading this buyer-focused e-commerce revolution. CommentSold’s Videeo for Shopify and SoldLive are two standout platforms on the Shopify App Store. But which one truly complements your business goals? Let’s find out.

Videeo for Shopify: Live Selling Perfected

Videeo for Shopify is a video commerce platform powered by the people and technology behind CommentSold—America’s top live selling technology platform that has sold over $3.9 billion in merchandise.

But what makes Videeo for Shopify so special?

In just 5 minutes, you can easily set up Videeo and start live streaming on Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, and your mobile app to boost your content marketing. Since Videeo seamlessly syncs with your Shopify inventory, all purchases happen through Shopify’s checkout. This means that no matter where your shoppers see your live show, they can instantly purchase items they see on your live shows with just a few clicks.

Live selling on multiple platforms simultaneously helps create a community while directly connecting with customers. Videeo creates an authenticity that most shoppers crave. By creating authentic, engaging live shopping experiences, Videeo boosts sales and revenue, blending entertainment and shopping perfectly, turning casual followers into dedicated, lifelong supporters.

After a simple 5-minute setup, you just need to pick the products or collections you want to feature in your live sessions, link your social media accounts, and you’re ready to boost your Shopify sales while building strong, lasting relationships with your customers.

So, what does Videeo for Shopify bring to the table?

  • Multichannel Streaming: Broadcast directly on your Shopify website, Facebook, Instagram, and mobile app to turn viewers into buyers instantly.
  • Dynamic Selling: Syncs with your Shopify inventory, and a dynamic overlay updates in real-time, even when you add products by scanning barcodes while you’re live.
  • Guest & Celebrity Takeovers: Invite guests and celebrities to take over your live shows using our multi-source video streaming feature. Guest hosts can run the show from anywhere, and they can also sell products from your catalog, all without any installation.
  • Engage More, Miss Less: Involve your customers with guest appearances and live reviews. Live chats from all sales channels appear on one screen, so you never miss any comments.
  • Structured Selling: Plan your selling spree using Shopify’s collection feature or surprise shoppers with unscheduled products by scanning barcodes in real-time, which can help you upsell and cross-sell products.
  • Robust Support: Enjoy award-winning customer support with dedicated growth managers for top-tier users.
Learn More About Live Selling With Videeo for Shopify

SoldLive: Simplicity in Live Sales

SoldLive is a Shopify app that offers basic features for live selling only on Facebook and Instagram. SoldLive connects to your Shopify inventory and allows shoppers to comment to add items to their cart and checkout through your Shopify checkout within Messenger.

  • FB/IG Integration: Stream on Facebook and Instagram with checkouts through Messenger.
  • Shopify Selling: Syncs with your Shopify inventory so you can sell products directly from Shopify.
  • Spontaneity: Use overlays and barcode scanning for an interactive product showcase.
  • Customer Support: Connect with SoldLive support for product-related questions.

Head to Head: Videeo for Shopify vs. SoldLive

Instagram Live Streaming
Facebook Live Streaming
Real-Time Barcode Scanning
(Mid-tier plan onwards)
YouTube Streaming
TikTok Streaming
Guest Takeovers
VIP Customer Invitations
Multi-Camera Streaming
Mini Player
iOS App
Simultaneous Streaming
(Mid-tier plan onwards)
Live Selling Consultant✅(Mid-tier plan)
On-Site Support
(Highest-tier plan)
(Email, Chat, Phone)

(Phone Only, Highest-tier plan)

Get More Selling Channels With Videeo

Selling on multiple channels allows you to reach more potential shoppers where they are instead of trying to get them to another selling channel. The more channels you can sell on, the better it can be for your brand and sales.

  • Videeo for Shopify offers simultaneous live selling on your Shopify website, Facebook, Instagram, and mobile app, with upcoming support for YouTube & TikTok live streaming, allowing you to reach more customers than competitors.
  • SoldLive limits your selling power to only Facebook and Instagram. Selling on both platforms simultaneously—and streaming to Facebook Groups—requires you to sign up for the mid-tier plans.

Videeo Enhances Shopify Live Selling

A good livestream show isn’t just about going live. Good live shows offer unparalleled engagement. Whether by giving a deeper look at a product or building social proof from customers or influencers, modern live selling technology can boost your Shopify live sales like never before.

  • Videeo for Shopify allows simultaneous streaming from multiple cameras to optimally utilize influencer & affiliate marketing, whether it’s to show close-ups of your products or to invite hosts and guests from across the globe.
  • Build social proof and drive sales with celebrity takeovers of your stream or product close-ups.
  • Drive engagement by inviting VIP shoppers, or build authenticity by inviting your suppliers to your lives. Whatever you decide, Videeo lets you be in control of the show with a dynamic ‘digital lobby.’
  • SoldLive doesn’t have the technology to enable guest hosting or takeovers. You lose out on added engagement and sales that influencers, featured hosts, and customers can bring to your Shopify livestream. You also cannot show your products from multiple angles.

Simplified Live Selling With Videeo

Simplicity and ease of use can be the hallmarks of a good product. Your live streaming experience as a seller should be simple and help you sell better. 

  • Videeo for Shopify live streaming combines chats from all social media platforms, your Shopify website, and your mobile app into a single screen.
  • Answer viewer questions and interact with them in real-time without juggling multiple screens, apps, and platforms.
  • Surprise viewers and help them discover new products by adding items on the fly with barcode scanning. And with the upcoming show scheduling feature, you can plan your broadcasts, specifying dates and times.
  • SoldLive doesn’t have a combined chat. Viewers might get delayed responses as you track comments on multiple screens, platforms, or apps. This can make the shopping experience less fun for your shoppers and less fun for you as a seller. While SoldLive offers real-time barcode scanning, it’s locked behind its mid-tier plan.

Offline Live Selling?

Live selling doesn’t always have to happen when you’re online and live. Modern live selling tools can enable you to record and post shoppable replays of your live shows. 

  • Videeo for Shopify records every live show and makes it shoppable. Embed videos and these shoppable replays on your Shopify website to turn it into a 24/7 library of live shopping, generating sales even when you’re not online!
  • SoldLive does not support replays or live show recordings, making you lose out on passive sales that shoppable replays make possible.

Regular/Relevant Updates

A good live selling tool keeps up with changing industry trends while listening to its users.

Videeo for Shopify is constantly updating with the best features to enable the best Shopify selling experience while also ensuring an improved and personalized shopping experience. Automated shoppable show highlights, YouTube & TikTok live streaming support, show scheduling, and exclusive VIP customer offers are some features in Videeo’s update pipeline that will enhance engagement and sales.

SoldLive doesn’t seem to update its products as often, nor does it have as many avenues for new features since it’s restricted to Facebook and Instagram streaming (and, thus, is more strictly bound to those platforms’ rules).

Videeo for Shopify: Your Ultimate Shopify Live Selling Solution

CommentSold’s Videeo for Shopify takes the crown as the ultimate choice for retailers regarding Shopify live selling and omnichannel marketing. With 11,000 live-selling retailers under our umbrella, we’ve diligently listened and learned, constantly improving and introducing features that retailers need to excel at. We take pride in providing detailed support to our shops, whether it’s via direct contact or through a resource center.

As America’s #1 live selling platform with over $3.9 billion in transacted GMV and an impressive 35% average conversion rate (over 10 times higher than the e-commerce average), Videeo’s live selling expertise is unmatched.

Whether it’s through shoppable replays, simultaneous multichannel streaming, a focus on mobile, award-winning support, or its host of unique features, Videeo for Shopify seamlessly integrates with your store to boost your Shopify sales while offering an all-in-one suite of user-friendly features for both sellers and shoppers.

Explore streaming live within your Shopify Store with Videeo for Shopify

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