Comparing Shopify Live Shopping Tools: CommentSold’s Videeo for Shopify vs. SoldLive

E-commerce is no longer just about displaying a list of products. It’s about engaging with customers in real-time, personalizing their experience, and making online shopping an event. Enter two standout platforms, CommentSold’s Videeo for Shopify and SoldLive. Both are power-packed, but which one truly complements your business goals? Let’s dive in.

The Live Shopping Revolution

The blend of storytelling, engagement, and real-time interaction has taken center stage in the e-commerce arena. Companies are gravitating towards platforms like Videeo for Shopify and SoldLive to deliver a brick-and-mortar shopping experience in the virtual world.

Videeo for Shopify: Live Selling Perfected

Videeo for Shopify is powered by the people and technology behind CommentSold—America’s top live selling technology platform that has sold over $3.8 billion in merchandise. With this much e-commerce and retail experience backing it, it’s no wonder that Videeo for Shopify effortlessly integrates with your Shopify website.

This allows you to simultaneously stream on your Shopify website, Facebook, Instagram, and your branded mobile app, and has upcoming support for YouTube and TikTok. What does it bring to the table?

  • Seamless Streaming: Broadcast directly on major social media channels like Facebook and Instagram and turn viewers into buyers instantly.
  • Guest Host Integration: No installations, no hassle. Welcome guest hosts from any location and let them take over your live selling event, with you controlling the permissions.
  • Engage More, Miss Less: Consolidated chat streams mean you won’t miss out on any valuable customer interactions, no matter where you stream.
  • Structured Selling: Plan your selling spree using Shopify’s collection feature and even introduce unscheduled products by just scanning barcodes.
  • All-in-One Chat: Whether your viewers are commenting on your live sale from your Shopify website, Facebook, Instagram, or mobile app, you can interact with all of them from one place.
  • Robust Support: Experience award-winning customer support with dedicated growth managers for top-tier users.

SoldLive: Simplicity in Live Sales

Tailored to Shopify, SoldLive promises simplicity and efficiency:

  • Easy Integration: Direct Shopify checkouts on FB/IG and the creation of Shopify draft orders for every sale, there is no need for an additional system.
  • Swift and Simple: From comment to checkout in 60 seconds. No registration is required.
  • Spontaneity: Use overlays and barcode scanning for an interactive product showcase.
  • Flexible Checkouts: Decide the duration shoppers have to check out, or specify cart expiration times.
  • Efficient Inventory Management: Offer waitlists for out-of-stock products and alert shoppers when they can make their purchase.

Head to Head: Videeo for Shopify vs. SoldLive

FeatureVideeo for ShopifySoldLive
Primary FocusInteractive live shopping experience across social and branded channelsLive video shopping integration for Facebook and Instagram (only available at the highest price tier)
Live IntegrationShopify website, Facebook Pages & Groups, Instagram, branded mobile appsFacebook Pages & Groups (advanced plans), Instagram
User ExperienceLive overlay, click to buy, comment selling, automated invoicing, live multichannel chats, dynamic and structured live shows with advanced production featuresLive overlay, click to buy, comment selling, automated invoicing, barcode scanning
Inventory ManagementReal-time with Shopify, unlimited monthly orders from livesReal-time with Shopify, monthly orders from lives limited based on tiers
Key FeaturesMultiple camera angles, multiple displays, mini player, automatic live replays, no-install remote collaboration with VIPs and guests, custom branded mobile apps, easy self-onboardingLive alerts, waitlists, shoppable posts, easy self-onboarding
SupportAward-winning 24/7 support, several learning options, extensive knowledge-baseChats with CEO

Which One Should You Choose?

Embarking on a live shopping venture can be a game-changer for your e-commerce platform. The pivotal decision lies in choosing the tool that not only complements your current operations but also aligns with your long-term vision.

As we lay out the nuances of CommentSold’s Videeo for Shopify and SoldLive, here are some key considerations to help you decide which one is the perfect fit for your business:

Business Growth & Engagement

  •  Videeo for Shopify excels for small and medium businesses aiming for rapid growth, high engagement, along with high-level production and versatility, in live selling.
  • SoldLive works for those seeking basic production features and ease in their live selling journey on Shopify.

Product Vision & Growth

  • Videeo for Shopify’s expansive social media and mobile integration, including its soon-to-be-added YouTube and TikTok support, makes it a more forward-thinking choice.
  • SoldLive is focused on improving its customer experience by constantly implementing changes.


  • If you value exceptional customer support and growth advice, Videeo’s CommentSold-powered, extensive, and personalized support has you covered.
  • SoldLive offers individualized support with its mid-tier plan, even including Zoom calls with the CEO.

Picking the Live Shopping Powerhouse for Your Shopify Success

While both Videeo for Shopify and SoldLive offer fantastic live shopping integration for your Shopify website, the choice boils down to your business aspirations, audience demographic, and the experience you wish to offer.

If you’re looking for a robust, scalable, and constantly evolving platform with multiple features to use, including your own branded mobile app–then Videeo for Shopify might be a better choice. If basic production is what you need, then you might want to try SoldLive.

It might be worthwhile to give both platforms a good look to truly gauge their potential impact on your unique business needs.

Ready to take your live selling game to the next level? Kickstart your journey with Videeo for Shopify by CommentSold. Grab your free 15-day trial today!


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