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Sisters in Style Boutique Grows 4x with Inclusive Live Selling via CommentSold

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Nikki Reineck, owner of Sisters in Style Boutique

Running a successful business often requires leveraging innovative tools and strategies to fuel growth and establish meaningful connections with customers. We recently sat down with Sisters In Style Boutique owner, Nikki Reineck, to talk via an ASL interpreter, about the remarkable impact CommentSold has had on her company’s rapid expansion, empowering her to bring her visionary ideas to life. 

In the past, the shop used Facebook Live to stream but found the manual process too time-consuming. Using CommentSold streamlined the experience and increased sales. Read on to learn how, through live selling and an unwavering commitment to the deaf community, Sisters In Style used CommentSold to drive untapped purchases and foster valuable relationships that have propelled the shop forward.

Building Community with Live Video

Sisters In Style Boutique ignited connections, fostered engagement, and built a thriving community with the power of live video.

Q: All right, here we go. So first question, Nikki, can you tell me your brand story? Why did you start your business?

So it was a brand that was started in my basement. Over time it became a warehouse and then you know live streaming really was an awesome avenue for people to buy and for the deaf community. My brand is Sisters in Style. I want it to be ASL inclusive, 100% accessible for the deaf community to experience shopping for clothes and items, you know, home decorations. That was my goal.

Q: How does your business support the ASL community?

We provide 100% access with the clothing, with items that not only they don’t know much about. When they go to a regular store, people talk and whatnot, but they don’t know how to sign. And they miss a lot of the information on how to take care of the clothes, instructions, value, where it’s from, and designers. You know, all that information we share with them in sign language.

Q: That’s awesome! What role has CommentSold played in helping you to build this community you have?

Since CommentSold our business has grown three and four times the volume; it’s really gotten very high. [Shoppers] can look at the videos that we are signing ASL for each product style that we put out there. People can see what they want live as well. This function has been awesome, and you can’t find that anywhere else. People make comments that we read, and we sign as well. So you know, it’s really a real top-notch thing. It’s a pretty high product for us to use. It’s helped us really increase our volume.

Q: Yeah, I can imagine that live selling would be a perfect avenue to connect with the ASL community. What tactics do you use to build your audience?

Well, the deaf community is very small. We all know each other, especially with college, family, friends, schools, and deaf schools. And so we established this business through word of mouth and that kind of thing. And we grew. It’s very unique. You don’t see this out there. You know, we sign back to you when you want to buy something, you know?

We rely on word-of-mouth referrals as many of our customers have heard about us through positive comments made within the close-knit deaf community. When someone asks where they got their clothes, they often mention Sisters in Style. Perhaps you came across our brand at an expo or through the signing ads we have been actively promoting. It’s heartening to see people taking notice of us and spreading the word.

Amplifying Sales & Engagement with Live Replay Technology

Sisters In Style Boutique unlocked its business potential with transformative live replay technology that amplified engagement, increased sales, and extended the reach of its brand.

Q: How has the shoppable live replays helped grow your business?

We offer live replays for each product, providing detailed information. We understand that some customers may not have the time to watch the live sessions, so the replay feature allows them to catch up at their convenience. We use email blasts, Facebook groups, and pages for our postings. We make sure to keep our customers updated on new releases and any highlights they may have missed. Also, our app serves as a go-to platform for customers to stay informed about our latest offerings and updates.

Q: Why do you think your live replays perform so well? What are some strategies you’ve used to help promote them?

We actively promote and discuss the replay feature during our live sessions, as well as through email and on platforms like Instagram. We make it clear in the comments that we offer replays and provide a link for customers to easily access them. We provide instructions on how to navigate between different videos, allowing viewers to jump to specific segments they are interested in or catch up on what they may have missed. We explore different approaches to enhance the user experience and make accessing replays as seamless as possible.

Looking Toward the Future

Q: What’s next for you? What is your ultimate goal for you and your business?

Our next goal is to move to a bigger warehouse with a small shop in front where people can actually go in and try on clothes and hire more deaf people to work here because deaf people throughout the USA unfortunately have a high percentage of unemployment and have a hard time finding work, to show that deaf people have skills like I do, to be able to promote and have sales like this is awesome.

Q: So what would you say to someone who is considering CommentSold?

It is a miracle product for us. It made our business expand. We didn’t think it would expand for the deaf community, but we take that as our advantage for that product. It helped us grow bigger because of the livestreaming, the fit videos, the comments being able to be, you know, it all worked out. It was seamless in that we didn’t have any barriers through the livestreaming. I have experienced unprecedented growth and forged enduring relationships with my customers.

Sisters in Style Empowered Their Community and Grew Sales with the Help of CommentSold

Sisters in Style Boutique leveraged live replays to extend the reach of their live sales events, ensuring that customers who missed the initial broadcast can still engage with the content and enjoy a full ASL experience and make purchases. Expanding inventory through dropship allows businesses to offer a wider range of products, increasing sales opportunities and satisfying customer demands. By embracing these strategies, businesses can unlock new growth opportunities, enhance customer engagement, and drive overall success in the e-commerce landscape.

Discover how CommentSold can revolutionize your business and elevate your success to new heights. Experience the transformative power of live selling, seamlessly streaming to multiple channels–simultaneously. With its intuitive features and great offerings like your own branded mobile app and customized video commerce website, CommentSold propels your business forward, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: delivering an exceptional experience to your valued customers.

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