5 Ways to Win Customers with Automated Emails

With the upsurge of social media marketing, there’s a huge misconception about email marketing being dead. We want to put this myth to rest right now. Email marketing is alive and well!

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Why is that? Well, emails speak directly to the consumer, especially when the message inside is directly related to the actions they’ve taken with your company. It’s more personal and timely when you receive relevant messages in your inbox than a social media post meant for everyone.

However, the task of manually sending these highly personalized emails takes precious time and money from your business. That’s when email automation comes in handy.

What is automated email marketing?

Just as the name implies, automatic email marketing is using automation to send emails to customers and prospects that are based on behavioral triggers, such as registering with your shop, browsing your shop, browsing certain products, or cart abandonment.

Successful brands utilize automated marketing emails all the time. There’s a very good reason behind this. With automated marketing emails, you can re-engage customers with minimal effort.

In fact, 80% of marketing automation users see an increase in the number of leads, and 77% had an increase in conversions after implementing it.

More and more consumers have come to expect a personalized experience. With marketing email automation, you’re able to send highly tailored emails based on your customer’s habits. What’s more personal than that?

1. Automated email marketing converts leads to customers.

Ever wondered why some people create an account on your shop, yet don’t buy anything? For whatever reason, these people have shown strong initial interest, but haven’t yet purchased anything.

There are many reasons why leads don’t go through with an immediate purchase. Perhaps they’re busy, only window shopping, or waiting for payday. With automated emails, you can get them acquainted with your brand via a welcome email. It also reminds them to come back and shop with you. Marketers who leverage email automation have seen conversion rates as high as 50%!

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2. Automated email marketing increases customer retention & loyalty.

Emails are an effective vehicle for incentives and rewards. For instance, an automated email can be set up to reward those who recently made a purchase with a discount code. These rewards can keep customers coming back after every purchase, boosting retention rates, customer lifetime value, and brand loyalty!

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3. Automated email marketing increases average order value.

As you may have guessed, these highly tailored emails also present an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell. Once an item is purchased, an email can be generated based on those buying habits, giving suggestions on what to buy next.

When your customer, Susan, purchases a sundress, she can receive an email that features a cute pair of sandals, a clutch, and other related items all with the help of marketing automation! If you offer easy payment options, such as Sezzle, you can really maximize this tactic.

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4. Automated email marketing recovers lost revenue.

The Abandoned Cart email is the cornerstone of every e-commerce site. That’s because the global average rate of cart abandonment is 75.6%!

Typically cart deserters are willing to come back to complete check out. However, if you’re not sending them an email reminder, you’re leaving serious money on the table.

With automated emails, however, you can relax knowing that 60% of shoppers return to purchase within 24 hours of receiving personalized emails after abandoning their shopping carts.

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5. Automation saves time & money

As we here at CommentSold often say, “Automate to dominate!” The most significant benefit of automating tasks is that you are getting a solid return on investment, both in time and money.

Instead of sending each customer a personalized email, you can rely on automation to do the heavy lifting for you. What’s more is that it doesn’t require payroll and can market to your customers all hours of the day and night, 365 days a year!

The Takeaway

Automated marketing emails are optimized to convert leads, inspire loyalty, increase average order value, and stifle cart abandonment. Marketing automation frees your team up to focus on other high impact tasks.

Plus, they’re an essential for any business looking to increase sales and customer satisfaction without having to spend a significant amount of time and money on marketing efforts.


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