Cyber Monday Marketing Tips for E-commerce Businesses

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Cyber Monday Holiday Gifts

In the e-commerce industry, it’s widely known that peak shopping times are always at the end of the year. According to Adobe Analytics, consumers spent a whopping $211.7 billion online over the 2022 holiday season, reflecting a 3.5% year-over-year increase. This proves that by this time of the year, consumers have their shopping lists ready in preparation for the busiest shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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And it’s also why you must be in full promotional gear as an e-commerce business to take advantage of the annual winter shopping spree.

However, with so much competition in the market, you need a strategy that catches consumers’ attention before and during the big day. Here are some proven tips to help you leverage Cyber Monday to increase your sales and revenues this holiday season.

Create A Cyber Monday Landing Page

A landing page is a dedicated web page designed specifically for Cyber Monday where you can showcase your best coupons, deals, and products. It’s like having a digital storefront with all the holiday offers neatly displayed for your customers, providing the following benefits:

  • Highlight your deals. A Cyber Monday landing page allows you to put your best foot forward. You can display your most enticing discounts and special offers all in one place, making it easy for shoppers to see what’s available.
  • Drive traffic. You can use your landing page in your marketing campaigns on and before the big day. You can market through social media, email, or advertisements, directing potential customers to your exclusive Cyber Monday deals.
  • Encourage action. Landing pages are great for driving action. You can include clear call-to-action buttons, such as “Shop Now” or “Add to Cart,” making it easy for visitors to make a purchase.

Make Your Advertisements Stand Out

Making your advertisements stand out is crucial when marketing for the holidays. To accomplish this, you must:

  • Know your audience. Understand your target audience’s preferences and needs and tailor your ad to resonate with them
  • Convey your message clearly. A standout ad makes your goals and product pop up in a sea of competing content. Clear and concise messages are more likely to be effective, too.
  • Be creative. Creativity is a powerful tool. Unique visuals, clever slogans, or unexpected approaches can set your ad apart.
  • A/B testing. Try different versions of your ad and see which one performs best. A/B testing can help you run two parallel campaigns and see the results.
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Create A Gift Shopping Guide

Many consumers don’t know exactly the kind of gifts they want to buy for their loved ones. That’s why creating a gift-shopping guide is a helpful way to make holiday shopping easier. It’s like giving buyers a roadmap equipped with product suggestions.

Here’s why a guide should be a part of your Cyber Monday marketing arsenal:

  • Simplify the search. A gift-shopping guide organizes your Cyber Monday products into categories or themes, making it easier for shoppers to find what they want.
  • Inspire gift ideas. Your guide can also offer gift suggestions, which can be AI-generated and particularly useful for people who need help deciding what to buy.
  • Cross-selling & upselling opportunities. You can also use your gift guide to promote related or complementary items. For example, if you’re selling cameras, you can suggest camera bags and memory cards during checkout to increase the average order value.

Offer Separate Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday attract different types of shoppers. Black Friday shoppers often prefer in-store deals, while Cyber Monday shoppers lean toward online shopping. By offering separate deals, you can cater to both groups.

Having separate deals means you can promote them separately. This can help your business stay in the spotlight throughout the entire holiday weekend.

Plus, you can create a sense of urgency when you have distinct deals for each day. Shoppers know they must act quickly to get the best discounts, which can drive more sales.

Here’s how to offer separate deals:

  • Plan ahead. Start by planning your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals well in advance. Decide which products or discounts you want to offer on each day.
  • Promotion. Clearly promote your Black Friday deals in the lead-up to Black Friday and your Cyber Monday deals leading up to Cyber Monday. Use email marketing, social media, and your website to get the word out.
  • Customer communication. Keep your customers informed about when each set of deals goes live and when they expire. Clarity is key.

Partner With Influencers

Partnering with influencers is a powerful way to boost your Cyber Monday marketing efforts.

Influencers have a dedicated and engaged following. Influencers’ endorsement of your products or services adds credibility to your brand. Their endorsement acts as a trusted recommendation, making people more likely to buy from you.

Remember that collaborating with influencers requires clear and effective communication. Begin by sharing your goals and expectations. What do you want to achieve on Cyber Monday?

Discuss your sales targets and what kind of content you envision. Document the terms of your collaboration in a clear and legally binding agreement. This ensures that both parties are on the same page regarding deliverables, timelines, and compensation.

Suppose you don’t have time to address all these issues in person. In that case, you can streamline the process and create a specific landing page for influencers, equipped with a contact form and viewable PDF documents on the page, where they can look up details about commissions, requirements, and other necessary information.

Effective collaboration with influencers can boost your reach, build trust, and create authentic content for a successful Cyber Monday marketing campaign.

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Provide Tailored Customer Service

Customers will feel valued and heard when you customize your service and messaging, which can lead to strong, long-lasting relationships.

It leads to higher satisfaction levels. Customers appreciate that you’re paying attention to their needs.

When you understand a customer’s unique situation, you can offer solutions that address their specific concerns more effectively.

Here is how you can offer tailored customer service:

  • Active listening. Pay close attention to what the customer says, and ask questions to clarify their needs.
  • Personalization. Use the customer’s name and reference past interactions when appropriate. This shows that you remember and care about their individual experience.
  • Flexible solutions. Be willing to adapt and provide solutions that fit the customer’s unique circumstances

Offer Free Shipping

Offering free shipping can be a powerful incentive for your customers and a strategic move for your business. Many online shoppers look for free shipping as a deciding factor when making a purchase. It reduces the overall cost, making your products more attractive.

Studies show that offering free shipping can boost sales. In fact, 78% of customers are more likely to buy more or make a purchase if they know shipping won’t add extra costs. You can also add free shipping timers to drive impulse purchases

To offer free shipping, you can absorb the shipping costs into your product prices or set a minimum purchase amount for free shipping. It’s a marketing tactic that can attract more customers and ultimately increase sales.


Cyber Monday is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year. It’s a day when the digital marketplace comes alive, teeming with enthusiastic buyers seeking the best deals and exclusive offers.

E-commerce businesses, in particular, can leverage this day to amplify their online presence, connect with their audience, and maximize revenue. The tips above and  the right retail tools can help you develop a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy to win on this day.

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About the Author:
Magnus Eriksen is a copywriter and eCommerce SEO specialist with a Marketing and Brand Management degree. Before he became a copywriter, he worked as a content writer for digital marketing companies like Synlighet AS and Omega Media, where he learned how to do both on-page and technical SEO.

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